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Looking for something fun and exciting to do this weekend? Then head over to Sky Zone Miranda, the largest trampoline park in the southern hemisphere to experience a day of thrill and the freedom of flight! Located in Westfield Miranda on the ground floor opposite JB Hi-Fi, the two-storey purpose-built venue is home to a full range of trampolining activities with over 100 interconnected trampolines that lets you literally bounce off the walls. 

There are two key activity types at Sky Zone Miranda: Sky Jump, which offers several different zones for jumpers to explore and test out their anti-gravity techniques, and Sky Climb, a recent concept introduced at Sky Zone featuring over 10 climbing walls of varying themes and unique handgrips to challenge beginner to advanced climbers. Both Jump and Climb sessions go by the hour and cost $18 per person respectively ($16 for the Jump if you already own a pair of Sky Zone grip socks - no socks, no jump). Choose to go for either the Jump or Climb, or combine both ($4 saving) for two solid hours of adrenaline-filled fun.

Sky Jump. Source: AC Verve

Sky Climb. Source: AC Verve

The boys and I recently went to check out Sky Zone Miranda on a weekday morning; given it was the school holidays, the place was filled with excited kids of all ages (adults included) squealing with delight as they discover the various activities on site. On arrival, we headed straight for the general check-in area to the online booking counter to obtain wrists bands and paid for the grip socks needed for our jump session. Walk-ins are welcomed however if you want to avoid disappointment and potentially long wait times, you can secure your session on the Sky Zone online booking site. Booking confirmation is immediate though if you need to amend your booking, you will not be able to do it online - call Sky Zone and speak with one of their friendly staff who will be able to assist you. 

General check-in area

Sky Zone grip socks

Jump sessions start on the hour and I highly recommend that you arrive 10-15 minutes before the start of your session; we had taken the wrong entrance into Westfield and spent a good half an hour finding our way to Sky Zone Miranda - there were no clear directions to the venue within the shopping complex and when we finally located it, the lift was out of order and we had to carry Xavier's pram down the flight of stairs to the check-in area and within the facility. If you're late, your jump time will be cut short as we duly discovered.

Jono and I started off at Stratosphere, the general jump area with interconnected trampolines that lets you run, jump, fly and bounce off the walls - this is the jump zone to start learning the basic skills of jumping and warm up that inner child in you before progressing on to the other zones. The pumped up music and energising vibe that fills the air is sure to get you fired up and moving. We both took turns at jumping, bouncing from one trampoline to the next. It was good fun but boy was it hard work! In just mere minutes, I could feel my abdominal and legs muscles burn, needing to stop every now and then to catch my breath. You definitely get a workout jumping without even realising it! Sky Guards patrol the zones managing the flow of eager jumpers to ensure safety rules are adhered to whilst everyone is having fun. 

Run, jump, fly and bounce off the walls at Stratosphere

Jump the mega trampoline of interconnected trampolines

Jono striking a pose mid-air

To practice your flips and tricks, head over to the Big Bag, a giant inflatable crash pad where you can put your newfound skills to the test. Alternatively, the Foam Pits with its pool of huge foam squares makes for a safe place to fall into though you might find getting out much more difficult than falling in. Monkey-climb on the ropes, bounce and balance on the 'toadstools' or challenge a mate to a game of knockout - plenty of fun for everyone.

Practice your flips and tricks at the Big Bag and Foam Pits

Fun-filled activities for everyone in the Foam Pits

For the more sporty folk, there's 3D Dodgeball which combines the exciting ball game with anti-gravity bringing a whole new level of challenge into the mix, and Sky Slam Basketball for you add new heights to your slam dunk.

3D Dodgeball

Sky Slam Basketball

Kids enjoying the school holidays at Sky Zone Miranda

The Wall is for the more advanced jumpers where acrobatic and parkour skills can be tested on Olympic-grade trampolines. Show off your mid-air poses and push your limits in this performance area specifically zoned off for the advanced bouncer. 

Show off your acrobatic skills at The Wall

Prior to commencement of your Climb session, there is a compulsory safety briefing all climbers must attend. Closed-in shoes are required otherwise you will be refused climb. Clip on your safety harness and start scaling the different themed walls to the top. You can even time your climb or race a friend up the wall.

Scale the many vertical themed walls of Sky Climb

Unique handgrips challenge beginner to advanced climbers

Time your climb or race a friend up the wall

For both Jump and Climb, comfortable clothing is recommended. Frankly, I would don on form-fitting and breathable sportswear - after all, this is a fitness activity and almost guaranteed you will break a sweat. Make sure you empty out your pockets and remove any jewellery before your activity to prevent loss and injuring yourself or others (on site lockers available for hire).

Little people like Xavier aren't excluded from all the fun. The Tots Zone play area created for 0-5 year olds have inflatable bouncy castles and slides as well as blocks of foam for the little folk to explore. There is also a jump area specifically for toddlers only - if they can walk, they can jump with toddler grip socks. We will have to return once Xavier is older so he can join in the jumping too!

Tots Zone for 0-5 year olds

Xavier exploring the bouncy castle under daddy's supervision

Ready? 1, 2, 3...go!

There are plenty of break out areas to rest and relax as well as an in-house canteen serving food and drinks for you to refuel. Have a browse of the merchandise store and pick up a souvenir to bring home or have your picture taken in the photobooth for keepsake. Parents who do not wish to join in the activities can chill and watch the kids go wild from one of the viewing platforms. There's even a baby changing facility in the disabled bathroom which comes in handy when you have a little one. 

Plenty of break out areas to relax and refuel


In addition to jumping and climbing, Sky Zone Miranda is also bringing in similar programs offered at the other Sky Zone locations including Sky Fit - fitness classes on trampolines that combines advanced calisthenics with a 3D cardio and strength training programme - and trampoline courses catered for beginners, intermediate and advanced skill levels with Sky School. I'm definitely keen to try out Sky Fit - you get to burn up to 1000 calories in an hour while having fun jumping and getting a full body workout! Fitness enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies would be pleased to learn that the Enduro Ninja Warrior course is in the works of completion. The course combines parkour, rock climbing and ropes to create the ultimate obstacle course and is not for the faint-hearted. Access to the Enduro comes at no extra charge as it is included in your Jump time. 

Say goodbye to boring and free yourself at Sky Zone Miranda!

Jono and I were guests at Sky Zone Miranda with thanks to Mattia from AC Verve.

Sky Zone Miranda 10 x Free Pass Giveaway!

Thanks to the folks at Sky Zone Miranda, one lucky reader will have a chance to win 10 free passes for the ultimate trampolining experience. Bring along the family or a bunch of your mates to share in the experience, or keep all 10 passes for yourself and master the art of jump - either way, it's guaranteed you'll banish boredom and be rewarded with pure fun and exhilaration! 

To enter, simply follow The Moreish Life on Facebook, Google+, Instagram or Twitter to be in the draw (existing followers will automatically be entered). Competition is open to Australian residents only and ends Sunday 15th May 11.59pm AEST. Good luck!

Congratulations D. Tran of Enfield, NSW for winning the Sky Zone Miranda giveaway!


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