Barista Haus, Rockdale (16th July 2014)

Ever since its launch in February this year, Jono and I have been stopping by Barista Haus a couple of times a week to grab a morning takeaway flat white before hopping on the train to work. Located in the dark and sometimes dank alleyway connecting Princess Highway and Geeves Avenue near Rockdale Station, the cafe is a welcome sight to foot commuters, its bright sunny yellow theme giving the alleyway a much needed boost of life and cheerfulness.

While early morning commuters are still in their pre-coffee waking up state, girls Jessica and Natalie behind the counter have already begun their day at 6am, all bright and bubbly, greeting customers as they come in. You can't help but rub off on their positive vibes :) With upbeat house/club music in the background, its polished white-tiled walls and concrete floor, it feels like we've been transported away to some hip London underground cafe whenever served by Natalie who's happens to be a LondonerThe girls seem to know their regulars on a first-name basis and preferred coffee type however Jono and I haven't quite made it into their books - once or twice a week might not be regular enough to make an impression.  

Barista Haus off Princess Highway, Rockdale

"I had a Nutella Cronut - it was so damn good," said Jono, who couldn't stop raving about the cronut he picked up from Barista Haus on his way to work this morning. Cronut is a croissant-doughnut hybrid, a creation first made famous by pastry chef Dominique Ansel and has taken the world by storm in the past year with many local cafes now offering their versions of this much hyped invention. Made from fried laminated dough, the pastry has a layered flaky texture likened to a croissant and comes sugared, filled and/or glazed in a variety of flavours. Here at Barista Haus, the cronuts supplied are specially made and flavours may vary day to day but you would often find Nutella, Cinnamon and Glazed if they are in stock. At Jono's persistence, I went in this afternoon to sample their Nutella Cronut complimented with my regular flat white. The crispy flaky pastry was covered with sugar, its top slathered generously with Nutella. I have to agree with Jono - at $5.50 a pop, they are rather expensive but oh so good! It was difficult not to make a mess eating the cronut; even though I was given a dessert fork, it was impossible to avoid getting sugary bits of pastry and chocolate sticking to the sides of my mouth. The cronuts here are popular so get in early and pick one up before they sell out!

Flat White ($3.50) and Nutella Cronut ($5.50)

Sugar-coated cronut topped with a generous slather of Nutella goodness!

Barista Haus has teamed up with Sensory Lab from Melbourne to bring the best roasted coffee beans from around the world in store giving customers the ultimate coffee experience. Coffee here is consistently good and I love how even though we do takeaways most of the time, head barista Jessica still does her latte art (quite a lot of cafes just pour the milk in for takeaways) before securing on the lid. Not a coffee person? Try one of their loose leaf artisan Tippity teas and tisanes or a delicious hot chocolate. There's also a good selection of food from pre-made savoury wraps and sandwiches to cakes and other sweet delectables, even gourmet soups served during the colder winter months.

Takeaway or eat in, there are plenty of options to choose from

I'm SO glad Barista Haus has chosen to open up in our suburb!

As of June 2015, Barista Haus has closed.

UPDATE October 2015: Barista Haus will be re-opening mid-October at 1 Monash Road, Gladesville, NSW 2111.

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  1. Sounds like a great addition to the suburb! A good coffee is often hard to find outside of the CBD.

    1. They sure are a great addition to Rockdale and my weekly coffee stop :)

  2. What happened to Barista Haus? I tried to go there yesterday and it was shut. Sad.

    1. To be honest, I'm not exactly sure the reason behind the closure. I noticed the 'For Lease' sign on the window pane last week and contacted them on Facebook and phone - no response and the phone line had already been disconnected...very sad indeed...


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