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If asked which part of cleaning the kitchen I dislike the most, hands down it would be the oven. Cleaning the oven is a tremendous chore as Jono and I duly discovered when we first moved into our house six months ago - the former owners left us a 'wonderful' surprise, an oven covered with gunk of baked on carbon, fat and grease; there was NO WAY I was going to use the oven in that state! Two cans of Mr Muscle Oven Cleaner and plenty of actual muscles later (not to mention suffering through the toxic throat-burning fumes), we managed to get it into an acceptable state fit for use. "Surely there is an easier way to clean ovens?" you ask. Well, as it turns out, you can outsource the task to a cleaning company that specialises in oven cleaning and one that I've had the pleasure of reviewing today is Oven Express.

Oven Express is a renowned oven cleaning company in Sydney that provides quality oven cleaning using eco-friendly and green products. Oven Express does more than just cleaning; oven detailing is included in their cleaning service which cleans out those hidden and hard-to-reach places in the oven, making it look spotless and as good as new after cleaning.

A customer service representative from the company called me earlier in the week to arrange a suitable time for the service and a text was sent with the confirmed date and time the day before. Dwayne from Oven Express arrived on time for our agreed 1pm appointment and with some tarpaulin and a bucket of cleaning products in hand proceeded straight to the kitchen to set up his workstation. "Sorry about the oven," I apologised, feeling slightly embarrassed at the state of my oven to which Dwayne smiled and assured me it was just a bit of grease and not that bad compared to some he has come across. Really?? You be the judge:

Our Omega oven in its 'BEFORE' state

Grease-stained glass oven door

Let's take a close look at the oven...

Dwayne assured me it was not as bad as some ovens he has seen (still a rather ghastly sight in my books!)

Dwayne was friendly and jovial and we chatted for a bit while I watched him efficiently remove the oven door and unscrewed the back panel of the oven to detach the fan for cleaning (I didn't even know you could do that!). The oven racks, back panel and fan were then taken back to the Oven Express van for deep cleaning while Dwayne returned to scour and clean out the oven using non-toxic oven cleaning agents. There were no fumes or that throat-burning sensation from the products which was great - better for both the customer and Oven Express staff.

Oven cleaning commencing in the kitchen - work area covered with tarpaulin, oven door detached, and oven racks and fan removed

Oven Express van

The van is well-stocked with supplies and also used for deep cleaning those nasty greased up oven racks

The cost for a standard oven cleaning service is $160 and takes between 1.5 - 2 hours depending on the state of the oven. I left Dwayne to work his magic and periodically popped my head in to see how he was doing - each time I took a sneak peak, he was working tirelessly on the oven. 

Dwayne working tirelessly on the oven

"It's finished," Dwayne announced happily. Any parts that were detached were reassembled in place, and there was no mess on the kitchen floor (they were collected and taken away with the tarpaulin). In just under two hours, Oven Express had turned my oven brand new again! I was SO impressed with the work Dwayne had done - the oven was spotless and gleaming. I could even see through the glass door! Just look at the results:

Check out the 'AFTER' state of the oven - I can see through the glass!

Just spectacular - the oven is SO clean it sparkles!

Thanks Oven Express for the fantastic oven cleaning service :)

I highly recommend Oven Express for your oven cleaning needs - they are punctual, professional, efficient and gets your oven looking good as new. In addition to oven cleaning, Oven Express also cleans BBQs, range hoods, stove tops and microwavesIt is without a doubt I will be using Oven Express' services again in the future :)  

The oven is so clean now I can't bear to use it - I want to keep it in its pristine state!

The oven cleaning service was compliments of Oven Express. Thank you Susan from Oven Express for contacting me.


  1. Dwayne at Oven Express is a class act. Very thorough. Outstanding before and after images. I can see he even managed to totally clear the grill too. Impressive work.

    Wishing you a good day from over here in the UK,
    Oven Cleaner Sheffield

  2. Nice service. The next time i need to clean my oven I will not hesitate to call them

  3. Oven Express?! Never Heard this before. Want to try its sewrvices

  4. Wow! nice! I should probably consider booking this as my oven is in a dire condition!

  5. That was nice! Whenever our oven (I mean my oven because I’m the one who always use it, lol) get messy, my husband cleans it for me. YES, he’s that sweet. We don’t need to spend money for cleaning services. He just uses eco-friendly cleaning supplies from ncsa.org.au (which was recommended by Thomas--his best friend). He has been doing this for years and he never get tired of cleaning the grills and oven glass doors. I think I’m such a lucky wife.

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