Game of Thrones: Iron Throne Tour (19th March 2014)

Ever wondered what it would feel like to rule the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros? Well, you're in luck - as part the upcoming launch of Game of Thrones (GoT) Season Four next month, the Iron Throne is on tour in Australia; for today only from 7.30am to 3pm in Martin Place, you will be able to live your fantasies and have your photo taken sitting on the throne! Fortunately for me, Martin Place is my weekday train stop to work so I got to check out the throne before heading into the office ;) 

The Iron Throne looked as mean and chilling in real life as it is on TV - made from a thousand blades surrendered by the enemies of Aegon the Conqueror and melted together by the breathe of Balerion, the Iron Throne is a monstrous chair of twisted metal with spiky and jagged edges, and is the symbol of the king's authority (according to the storyline, that is). Uncomfortable as it sounds, that did not deter fans from lining up this morning for a cool new profile photo. There were props available which you can use (e.g. a sword), even actors dressed up as Drogo, Cersei, Joffrey and a White Walker to join in if you wish. Having a lone photo wearing Joffrey's crown on the throne was the pose of choice so far, though I did witness one lady being carried by 'Drogo' for a snapshot which got the crowd cheering!

Line to the Iron Throne at Martin Place

All hail the new Queen of Westeros!

For the super-fans, Foxtel is giving you the chance to win your very own Iron Throne - all you have to do is have your photo taken on the throne, then post it with hashtag #GoTfoxtel on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Come as your favourite GoT cosplay, reenact a scene from the TV show, or strike a funny pose - the most innovative photo wins so get those creative juices flowing and head down to Martin Place before 3pm to be in the running to win the prize!
The Iron Throne will be heading to sunny Brisbane next on March 28.


  1. The Iron Throne will be heading to sunny Brisbane? How about in Nowra Australia? Please do also visit here..

    1. According to, looks like Brisbane is the last stop for the throne in Australia...

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