Jono's birthday brunch (26th December 2013)

Finding a place that was opened for brunch on Boxing Day turned out to be harder than expected as most cafes and food joints have taken the opportunity to take a break during this festive period. So instead of taking the whole family out for brunch to celebrate Jono's birthday, we ended up having it in our lovely backyard, breakfast a la Angelica's kitchenI have never cooked big breakfast, let alone for four people - a wee challenge but I think I can manage (fingers crossed!).

Turkey sausages (to keep with the Christmas theme), scrambled eggs, lightly toasted Turkish bread (and gluten free bread for Cheryl), grilled tomatoes and portobello mushrooms, spinach, hash browns and baked beans make up my home-cooked version of the big breakfast. Oh yes, and not forgetting a glass of orange juice each (we had our coffees before brunch). Preparing the meal required time coordination as the various items have different cooking times. Every pot and pan in the house was used on the gas stove and I had the oven going as well for the hash browns and to keep cooked food warm. At one point, I found myself simultaneously stirring baked beans, flipping sausages and watching the oven! How do cafe chefs do it?? Took me about 30 minutes from preparation to serve and I must say for my first attempt, I was pretty pleased with the outcome :) 

4 x big breakfast coming right up!

Jono's birthday big breakfast - toasted Turkish bread, hash browns, turkey sausage, baked beans, grilled mushroom and tomato, spinach and scrambled eggs with side of orange juice

Happy birthday babe!


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