Son of Tuysuz, Sydney (14th October 2013)

I'm quite fussy when it comes to my falafel (deep-fried chick pea pattie) kebab/wrap - the best I've had to date is from Sahara Cafe in Wellington (was once my weekly lunch haunt so much so the folks there knew my order the moment they see me walk in). Lightly toasted flatbread spread with delicious hummus, topped with fresh vegetables, crushed up falafel balls that are warm and still crispy on the outside, and your favourite sauces (LOVE the tahini sauce). Oh how I miss Sahara Cafe – thinking about their falafel kebab is making me hungry! They have definitely set my benchmark for a good falafel kebab and since moving to Sydney, I’ve not found a place that is at par until my chance discovery of Son of Tuysuz recently.

I've been seeing the physiotherapist at Sydney Medical on Park St during my lunch break in the last couple of weeks for my sprained ankle and on the way back to the office, taken a quick zip into The Galeries to  pick up a falafel kebab from Son of Tuysuz. Located in the lower ground Foodhall, Son of Tuysuz serves a variety of Turkish cuisine including gozleme, kebabs and wraps as well as salads and burgers. Twice I've been here and despite during the lunchtime rush, there were hardly any queue at the stall (unlike the others which have hungry customers hording the order counter).

Wraps, dips and salads

Son of Tuysuz in the Foodhall, The Galeries

For $9.50 (they take cash only), the felafel (spelt phonetically instead) wrap consists of falafel, hummus, tabouli, tomato and lettuce. I was surprised to find the wraps here are premade rather than made on order – all they do is toast it on the sandwich press. You would think that the wrap would be soggy sitting on the display counter the whole morning, absorbing moisture from the hummus and fresh vegetables but I can assure you it wasn’t at all. The ingredients tasted fresh and on close inspection looks it too. Serving size was good though smaller than the average wrap served at other kebab joints (they do not overfill). Sahara Cafe still reigns in my books but Son of Tuysuz  is not far off and good enough to satisfy my falafel cravings. Definitely recommended and keen to come back to sample their other dishes :)

Perfectly encased felafal wrap

Felafal wrap ($9.50) - chick pea pattie, hummus, tabouli, tomato and lettuce

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