City Rock Cafe, Sydney (18th October 2013)

On the off chance visit to Gateway Food Court in the Circular Quay area to grab some lunch, I noticed City Rock Cafe had large signs promoting their Lifesaving Chicken & Quinoa Soup. "Oh, I wonder if it's similar to the Peruvian version I've had in Cusco," I thought and decided to check it out. At an elevation of 3,400 metres, temperatures tend to drop in Cusco at night - during my travels in the region last year, I've had the local chicken quinoa soup several times and absolutely loved it! It was just the perfect dish to warm you up from the inside and a great way to get more fluids in to help prevent altitude sickness.

City Rock Cafe offers a wide variety of choices for breakfast and lunch including full-cooked breakfast, Acai bowls, salads, sandwiches, burgers and soups, as well as a selection of coffees, fresh juices, smoothies and milkshakes made to order. Their Lifesaving Chicken & Quinoa soup is one of the regular daily soup choices available and comes in two sizes in a takeaway polystyrene container with plastic lid - $3 for a cup, or $6 for a bowl. What is so 'life saving' about this soup? Well, I guess it's because its main ingredient is the quinoa (pronounced 'kin-wah') which is deemed a 'superfood', food that is packed with good nutrients and offer multiple health benefits to the body. Slow-cooked vegetables make up the broth/stock and the soup is dairy, gluten and MSG free. The friendly staff at the cafe will always ask if you want a free piece of bread with your soup, usually a slice of toasted soy and linseed bread. 

City Rock Cafe at Gateway Food Court

Poster promoting the super soup

Ah, the soup brings back fond memories of my trip in Peru and it is such a nice belly warmer for those cold wet days which we seem to be having quite a bit of in Sydney this spring. Very homey - comforting and just good food for the soul :) The soup is a shade of orange from the mix of vegetables used to make up the stock. The quinoa, cooked, tasted quite similar to boiled brown rice and there were several chunks of chicken as well for added protein. Tasty and healthy too! I don't really think the soy and linseed bread goes well with the soup, perhaps a small bread roll would be better suited. Often, I would skip the bread altogether as the bowl of soup was enough to fill me up without the extra carb.

Lifesaving Chicken & Quinoa Soup in a bowl ($6)

The chicken quinoa soup here is popular so do go in early if you want some - I went over to the cafe at 1pm one day and they were already sold out! 

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