Bar Cupola, Sydney (16th October 2013)

“Angel Place? Where??” Su Wei gave me a bewildered look when I suggested heading over to Bar Cupola for lunch today. Hmm, sounds to me Su Wei hasn’t been there despite her office located only a block and a half away. Alright, follow me...

Like my previous visit, we came to lunch at the bistro without prior booking but they were always accommodating and we were seated in mere minutes of arrival. It was rather quiet for midday, only a few customers dining in, perhaps still early for lunch. It didn’t take us long to decide on what we wanted - I've been meaning to try their Prawn Linguine which Nicky had when she and I were last here; Su Wei took my recommendation and ordered their delicious Salt and Pepper Chicken. "Good choices," said the waitress who took our order. I think so too ;)

About 10 minutes later, our meals arrived, first the linguine and shortly followed by the chicken dish. The Prawn Linguine is of the oil-based type pasta that I like and comes with prawns that have been deveined and shelled, cherry tomatoes, olives, parsley, lemon, chilli and sprinkled with toasted breadcrumbs giving it a bit of crunch. No wait staff came by to offer cracked pepper on my pasta –mini salt and pepper grinders were available at each table for use. Hmm, the linguine would have been a lot better if it had more flavour. I felt it was rather bland and kept adding salt and pepper to improve the taste. Somewhat disappointed as I had expected the linguine to be as good as the Salt and Pepper Chicken (least Su Wei enjoyed her meal). Might just stick to their Asian dishes when I next return...

Service was friendly, prompt and professional as usual. Cost us a total of $44.16 for lunch inclusive of the 25% discount from the Entertainment Book voucher.

Prawn linguine with cherry tomatoes, olives, parsley, lemon, chilli and toasted breadcrumbs ($19.50)

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