Wagamama - Bridge St, Sydney (11th April 2013)

My favourite dish at Wagamama is their Chilli Chicken Ramen but on a chance visit to the Bridge Street branch one day with my work colleague, I decided to try something different and went for their Pork Belly Ramen - this is now my new favourite dish!

Frankly, if one were to read the menu and look up what this dish is made of, you would think they got the noodles wrong. The dish name clearly has the word 'ramen' but in actual fact, the Pork Belly Ramen is a huge bowl of udon noodles in a clear soup, topped with grilled low cooked pork belly and seasonal greens, and garnished with bean sprouts, basil, chopped chillies, mint and coriander, and slivers of carrots. The fresh ingredients, combined with the thick and chewy udon, and those melt-in-your-mouth pork belly pieces  makes this flavoursome dish perfect for a cold autumn/winter's day (and makes my tummy happy...hehe...). Whenever I take a bite of the pork belly (fatty but SO delicious!), I'm reminded of the pork bun I had at Momofuku Seiobo...mmm... :)

The look and feel of the Bridge Street restaurant was similar to any other Wagamama branch - the colour scheme, Japanese ramen bar style seating, operating kitchen visible to diners, menu, how it works etc. However, I do find that despite the place was not particularly busy during lunchtime, service can be variable - in the occasions I've been there, the waitstaff would be very eager at the start to take your order but once you've been served your meal, you can hardly get their attention to get more water or even settle the bill. Cost $21.40 for my yummy lunch which was pretty steep - not something I'll have everyday but for the occasional splurge. 

Pork Belly Ramen ($21.40)

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