Valentine's Day dinner (14th February 2013)

Happy Valentine's Day!

This year, Jono and I decided to have a low key Valentine's Day - no presents, no flowers and no dinner at some fancy restaurant - partly because I've been too wrapped up with work and all the wedding plans that I didn't get around to book us in early for Valentine's Day dinner, and also partly to cut back on expenses (weddings are expensive you know!). So instead, I made us a 3-course meal at home (courtesy of Jamie Oliver's V-day recipes) with my baby's help :) Despite having had a long day in the office, I'm actually looking forward to cooking our special dinner. Not sure what it is about cooking but it kind of 'relaxes' me and when the end result is yummy and enjoyed by the people you love, it gives me joy and makes the effort worthwhile!

Our menu this evening (which I selected and approved by Jono) was an entree of bruschetta with tomato and basil, main of grilled steak salad and pesto, and chocolate love cake with cherries & booze for dessert. Jono popped open a bottle of Shiraz from our stash of wines at home and we sipped the wine as we began preparing the ingredients required for the courses. I started off preparing the dessert as that required baking, then worked backwards to the main and then entree. Took us about an hour to get all three courses prepped for cooking - the kitchen was quite a mess with used cutlery and utensils at the end of it! Jono had the 'manly' task to toast the sliced bread and grill the steaks on the BBQ while I made up the bruschetta topping and salad for the steaks. Check out our lovingly home-cooked dinner:

Valentine's Day dinner for two - entree of bruschetta with tomato and basil 

The main course - grilled steak salad with pesto

Dessert of chocolate love cake with cherries & booze

And to top it all off, we ate our dessert while watching Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones! Ok, might not be the most romantic of movies but I'm really enjoying the Star Wars series since Jono got me watching them when he learnt I've not seen the original trilogy. Valentine's Day may seem low key but still pretty special with our wonderful dinner and most of all, sharing the day with my awesome fiance :)


  1. I think u did a wonderful job with the cooking. A belated V-Day toast to both of u! Such a cozy and private moment!


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