Pancakes on the Rocks, The Rocks (10th November 2012)

With our men away on the annual Google network engineer get-together in San Francisco, GWAGs (Googler Wives and Girlfriends) Anna, Natasha and I caught up for lunch at The Rocks this afternoon. Last year around the same time when the boys were away, I too got the girls together to hang out - I can see this becoming our annual girls' tradition :)

Natasha suggested that we head to Pancakes on the Rocks (the original branch located on Hickson Road) for lunch. Great, I've wanted to check out this restaurant chain for ages! I arrived a bit before our 1pm meet time and already there was a queue to get into the restaurant. Anna soon arrived and we continued to shuffle our way to the head of the queue - took another 10 - 15 minutes before we were seated. The place was pretty packed and no doubt very popular. Customers were streaming in replacing those who were leaving, and there was always a visible line outside though the wait wasn't too bad if you're not in a hurry.

Anna and I caught up and chatted while we waited for Natasha who was running late. The wait staff were highly attentive - we had at least 5 different waitstaff come by our table attempting to take our order. I got myself a flat white which was alright but would have been better if it was served a lot hotter. Hmm, Natasha still hadn't turned up by the time I finished my coffee...tummy getting hungry...

Natasha finally arrived, 20 minutes late. Anna and I were pretty decided on what we wanted and once Natasha made up her mind, we immediately waved for a waitstaff to take our order. Open 24 hours, Pancakes on the Rocks is said to be the place to go to satisfy your pancake cravings - pancakes is a must-try for my visit today. I got the Aussie Sunrise (buttermilk pancakes with whipped butter, crispy bacon, a fried egg and grilled banana and pineapple) from the breakfast menu while Natasha got a savoury crepe and Anna went straight for a dessert pancake. The name may suggest the restaurant only serves pancakes but that is not the case - you can also order meals such as ribs and gourmet pizza which looked pretty good too. 

Us girls chatted and caught up on all that has been happening in our lives while we waited for our meals. I can't believe it's almost 2 years that we've known one another - how time flies!

Our food was served within 10 minutes which was surprisingly fast given it was such as busy restaurant (and I'm now super hungry). My Aussie Sunrise greeted me with a cheerful smile - time to tuck in! This meal was probably going to wipe off all the hard work in the gym I've done all week as it looked pretty high-calorie laden - fried egg with runny yolk, fried strips of bacon and fluffy buttermilk pancakes with a dollop of whipped butter and a small pot of maple syrup. Life's too short to count calories - I can afford to be naughty for one meal :P Love the thick and fluffy pancakes, and the fried pineapple was a good palate cleanser at the end. Portion size was generous so I was feeling rather stuffed after polishing off the whole plate. The girls seem to be enjoying their meals as I did, finishing most of the food on their plates.

Aussie Sunrise ($14.95)

Cost us $33.80 all up which included the use of my Entertainment Book voucher that entitled us for a free main course when another is purchased, making it a rather cheap lunch. Well-worth a visit if you happen to be at The Rocks!

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