Miller Street Eatery, North Sydney (7th November 2012)

Ever since the the food court on 99 Mount Street has been demolished and my favourite Malacca Straits Thai is no where to be found in the vicinity (I looked in the area, went to the various food courts and even contacted the local city council but still couldn't track them down...sob, sob...), I decided to try out the other Asian eateries in North Sydney in hope to find a new regular lunchtime place that serves great Malaysian food. 

Around 12pm, I headed over to Miller Street Eatery in the food court area of Tower Square on Miller St, less than a block away from my office. Hmm, there was hardly anyone here which was surprising since most places would be pretty packed at this time. I've actually been here once many moons ago but don't really recall if the food was any good. The restaurant serves primarily Chinese food but like many Chinese/Asian restaurants in food courts in Sydney, they also serve Sydneysiders' favourite Malaysian cuisine, the laksa. There are also daily specials and a selection of dishes to choose from the smorgasbord. I opted for their Fried Kuay Teow and paid the $9.90 for the dish to one of the friendly ladies behind the counter, then got myself a table indoors (they have outdoor seating as well).

As I sat there reading my book while waiting for my dish, more customers started arriving, most having food from the smorgasbord. About 10 minutes later, my Fried Kuay Teow was served to me at my table. Oh my god - how am I to finish the plate? It was HUGE! No doubt I would be taking at least half of this home...

Order counter at Miller Street Eatery

Fried Kuay Teow ($9.90)

The first thing I noticed about the dish was that it had chicken and BBQ pork - the Malaysian in me immediately went "This is wrong!". Char kway teow/fried kuay teow is usually made with flat rice noodles with whole prawns, bean sprouts, chopped Chinese chives, stir-fried egg, slices of fishcake and perhaps Chinese sausage ('lap cheong') but never with meat. This was more like the Hongkong version of fried kuay teow which has BBQ pork in it. Taste-wise was ok but not the best - lacked the 'char' factor and somehow the combination of ingredients just didn't quite work. I kind of disappointingly ate a third of my plate (all the while pining for Malaysian Straits Thai...sigh...) and had the rest packed into a takeaway container to bring home - I managed to fill up the whole container enough for 2 more meals! Perhaps I should have gone for the more Chinese dishes which they might do a lot better in - will need a revisit and try their crispy chicken dishes. 

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