Malay-Chinese Takeaway, Sydney (4th October 2012)

I caught up with Su Wei for lunch today and she suggested we head over to Malay-Chinese Takeaway this time. We met around 12pm outside our usual meeting place (Wynyard train station exit on George St) and walked a block and a half down to the restaurant located on Hunter St. This was my second visit to Malay-Chinese Takeaway - I was here sometime in June for their Hainanese chicken rice which wasn't as good as what some local food blogs suggested though almost every blog I've read did mention that this place serves the best laksa in Sydney. Guess what I'll be having today? Yep, the laksa!

The place was fully packed with customers both dining in and getting takeaways though despite the crowd, service was fairly prompt and fast. Most dine-in customers were seen enjoying their hot bowls of laksa and several had the chicken rice. Hmm, their Char Kway Teow looked pretty good too but it'll have to be next time - I need to know if the laksa here is indeed the best in town. The restaurant has a large laksa menu (same soup base but with different ingredients) and I decided to go for their most popular laksa dish, the Chicken Laksa which cost $8.70. "Angelica - what a lovely name," said the lady behind the counter who took my payment and name for the order. Hehe, well, I have my parents to thank for that :)

After placing our orders, Su Wei and I went to find ourselves seats in the canteen-like dining area, sharing the long table with other customers. My name was called in about 5 minutes and I went to the collection counter to pick up my steaming hot Chicken Laksa. Mmm, smells good and the reddish hue suggests that it has the right level of spice but I added a dollop of sambal on the side (available from the condiments area) anyway, just in case it wasn't spicy enough for my Malaysian tastebud ;) Can't wait to get back to my seat to try the laksa!

I started off slurping a spoonful of the hot soup - oh, this is fantastic! The mild curry coconut based soup has the right consistency AND level of spice. Unlike most places that serve laksa, the restaurants tend to reduce the spice level to cater for the local palate but Malay-Chinese Takeaway has obviously decided to keep it the way it should be. This is THE best laksa I've had to date and I have no doubts that it's probably the best in Sydney. My Chicken Laksa came with a generous serving of rice vermicelli, a few pieces of fried bean curd and slices of boneless steamed chicken with skin on (I would probably have the skinless chicken option next time round - I'm not a big fan of steamed chicken skin). The laksa was actually quite a large serving but it was so good that I finished the whole thing!

Chicken Laksa ($8.70)

It gets very crowded in Malay-Chinese Takeaway during lunchtime

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