Birthday cosmetic facial at ICCM (24th October 2012)

I've had cosmetic facials done at ICCM earlier this year and recently received a birthday email from them with a special birthday offer for either their cellulite treatment or one of their cosmetic facials. Hmm, it has been awhile since I've had a facial done professionally and for less than half the normal price, why not? I booked in my appointment a few weeks ago but today was the first available slot that fitted in with my schedule and their staff availability - a bit late to look good in time for my actual birthday but a treat for me nonetheless!

On arrival, I was received by the beauty therapist who would be taking care of me today. I was shown to the therapy room where I was given some time to get ready and comfortable under the sheets on the bed. The place hasn't changed much from memory, its rooms more similar to those in a medical centre - there was music playing in the background but the room just felt too white and brightly lit thus didn't give the relaxed and soothing feel of a beauty spa. My therapist entered the room shortly and provided a quick brief of what we were doing today and what to expect (sensation on skin etc.) - she was friendly and jovial which was really nice after I've had a stressful day in the office. She started off by removing my makeup followed by preparing my skin for the Primary Pumpkin Peel - there was the option of either the Blueberry Smoothie or Primary Pumpkin Peel but like the previous therapist who did my facial, this one too decided I would benefit more from the latter given my skin condition (the pumpkin peel exfoliates dead skin cells and increase hydration).

Cough, cough...cough...I took a breath in as the therapist was applying alcohol on my face in preparation for the peel and that got me into a spurt of coughs. The pumpkin peel mixture was then applied onto my face with a brush - I can smell pumpkin! "Feeling any heat?" she asked as she dabbed the mixture all over my face. The peel mixture was cool when first applied to the skin but very quickly I felt the tingling and mild burning sensation, some parts of the face more than others, and the only relief I got was the poor therapist fanning my face with a cardboard in hand for the 5-10 minute duration the peel was left on.

To maximise the results, ICCM recommends performing an Omnilux Light Therapy immediately after the peel which was included as part of the birthday offer. ICCM offers 3 different wavelengths on the  Omnilux and this time, I was given the Omnilux Revive (red light), a precise wavelength of visible red light that penetrates deep into the skin to rejuvenate and repair the skin as well as boost the production of collagen. I was given protective eyewear as usual (mini goggles that sit on the face sufficient to just cover the eyes). "Now this is going to be very bright," warned the therapist. Yes, I recall it being quite bright previously but when the therapist turned on the Omnilux, it was nothing like I remembered. The therapist first set the brightness to 50% and immediately I felt blinded by the sudden blast of reddish light (imagine looking directly into the sun). And when she cranked it up to full beam, I was slightly freaked out - despite my eyes shut tight and wearing goggles, I was still 'seeing' red. A part of my brain went "Is this what hell is like?" and "I wonder if this is what being burnt alive or blind feels like?". Okay...I've obviously been reading too much Game of Thrones...I was quite glad that the therapist had a reassuring hand on my shoulder at the start and it took about 4 minutes before my eyes adjusted to the brightness (it was still bright though less blinding discomfort to the eyes). The light therapy lasted a total of 20 minutes - the therapist left the room with the door open in case I needed to call for help. Still feeling somewhat nervous about the red light and the radiating warm heat coming from it, I dared not move an inch (I wasn't relaxed at all) and concentrated on my slow and deep breathing to calm myself. It felt like an eternity before the therapist turned the Omnilux off - I was seeing stars when the light went away and felt a bit lightheaded too.

Overall, though the Omnilux experience was a bit of a shock to the system, I do like the cleansed feeling post facial. Cost me $49 for the peel and light therapy (normally $120). To see results, one would require a series of these sessions before seeing the benefits and changes to the skin. Hmm, perhaps I should invest in a block of sessions to get my skin in shape for the upcoming wedding...


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