The Pie Tin, Newtown (24th August 2012)

One more sleep till South America - SO EXCITED! As we would be away for the next 2 weeks, I've been clearing out the fridge and not replenishing our food supplies so dinner tonight was takeaway pies from The Pie Tin - our friends Matt and Amanda have been raving about the pies from this bakery in Newtown so Jono and I decided to check it out this afternoon and headed over around 5pm to pick up a few pies for dinner.

Located on Brown St just off King St, The Pie Tin is an artisan pie and bakery cafe that specialises in handmade sweet and savoury pies baked fresh daily. The place may look like your local cafe but pies are definitely their specialty with two display shelves of pies in a variety of flavours - they have so many flavours that their range changes daily, even throughout the day. I stood by the display shelf with sweet pies gaping at the selection, some pies big enough to feed the whole family. Wow...Oreo cookie pie, sour cherry pie, banoffee (banana & caramel) pie are just a few of the sweet ones available (there were over 10 types to choose from). Over at the other display shelf were the savoury pies - I'm not a big fan of pies but some of the ones they have intrigue me. Sicilian style chilli lovers sausage & white bean, spicy Nepalese lamb curry, North African style slow roasted lamb with chermoula - I've never even heard of such pie flavours! I decided to try their slow roasted shredded pork with apple & BBQ sauce pie while Jono got the slow roasted beef brisket, hickory smoke & mushrooms pie. "Let's get the sour cherry pie for dessert," suggested Jono and he assured me it was really nice (Matt had brought some to the Google office before) though I wasn't quite convinced it would be sweet ('sour' being the keyword) but went along anyway. Cost us $21.10 for our savoury pies and a generous slice of the sour cherry pie. Can't wait to get home and dig in!

The Pie Tin on Brown St

At 5pm, the cafe was quite busy

Sweet pies

Savoury pies

We picked up a 6-pack beer from the nearby liquor store and headed home with our purchases. It was still quite early to have dinner so we finished up the rest of our packing and around 6.30pm, heated up our savoury pies in the oven. The lady at The Pie Tin told us to heat the pies for about 15-20 minutes at 180 degree Celsius and to use a butter knife to pierce into the middle of the pie, pull the knife out and touch the pierced end with our fingers, using the temperature to gauge how hot we wanted our pies heated. HOT!

With a pie on a plate and beer each, we sat down at the dining table to enjoy our meal. Mmm, my slow roasted pork pie was really good, flaky pastry with shredded pork cooked till tender and a light hint of apple (though I'm not sure if it did have any BBQ sauce as I didn't couldn't taste it). Jono's beef pie was also very good, tender beef in a flavoursome gravy/marinade and had more salt in comparison to mine. Both gourmet pies were delicious!

Beer and pie for dinner :)

Slow roasted beef brisket, hickory smoke & mushrooms pie

Slow roasted shredded pork with apple & bbq sauce pie

Though I enjoyed my pork pie, it was too much food for me. Totally stuffed by the time I finished it (had to get Jono to help too) - I'll need to let dinner digest before dessert!

Some 2 hours later, we took out the sour cherry pie from the fridge and served it on a plate with two forks to share. The thick pastry crust top was sprinkled with plenty of sugar, the inside filled with lots of cherries boiled in a sweet syrup. The cherries alone taste a bit sour but with the sugar sprinkle, it evens out the tartness, making the pie a very yummy dessert. "You weren't convinced when I told you earlier," teased Jono. Yes, you're right - it's not as sour as I thought it would be and I do like it :)

Sour cherry pie

Definitely keen to check out the other pie flavours when I'm back from holidays!

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