Ipoh on York, Sydney (8th August 2012)

Su Wei and I caught up for lunch today, this time heading over to check out Ipoh on York, a new Malaysian restaurant that opened earlier this year on York St, a prime location in the heart of Sydney CBD only a block away from the shopping precinct of QVB and Myer. At 12pm, the restaurant was filled with hungry customers with four lines of queues visible from the order counter towards the stairs that led to this lower ground diner - a rather daunting sight but surprisingly the service turnaround was very quick and in less than 5 minutes, Su Wei and I had placed our orders, paid for our meals and left the counter with a number, shuffling between the crowd into the large dining area to find ourselves a table. Many Malaysian restaurants in Sydney boast their signature laksa dish yet few really managed to make one good enough to pass my Malaysian palate - Ipoh on York was one of those restaurants and I decided to put their laksa to the test and ordered myself their Seafood Laksa (cost $11.50). 

"Number 46! NUMBER 46!" shouted the girl behind the counter and I hurried my way through the thick crowd to collect my meal. That was fast! Hmm, the laksa broth had a nice colour to it and looked pretty good..."Tray, please," said the young female waitstaff standing next to me. What? I have just arrived back at my table with my tray of hot steaming laksa and haven't even placed the tray on the table or taken my seat and you want my tray?? The girl stood there waiting till I 'gave up' the tray and then went away, doing the same to Su Wei who just returned to our table. Geez - take the trays and begone!

A generous serving of half-and-half egg noodles and rice vermicelli, the flavoursome broth had the right consistency, and included ingredients of a mussel, prawn, squid, fishcake, fish balls, fried fish pieces, fried tofu puffs, surimi and bean sprouts, garnished with finely sliced spring onion. Delicious though boy, was it too much for me (yet I finished the whole thing!). Su Wei had the Hainanese Chicken Rice which didn't look very appetising though she tells me that it was ok. I'm not sure what it was, perhaps the lacklustre steamed chicken, and when Su Wei said her homemade chilli tasted better than the one that came with her dish, that affirmed my thoughts - I would suggest sticking to the laksa. I wondered if their Ipoh dishes such as Assam Laksa and Ipoh Hor Fun were any good. After all, they are called Ipoh on York...you can't go to Ipoh for a meal but they might just be able to bring Ipoh to us. Well-worth the return visit to find out. 

Some of you may find the place has a slight familiarity to Jimmy's Recipe at The Galeries and a quick Google searched revealed that both shops are actually owned by the same owners. Hah, no wonder the laksa too tasted the same (I had thought it tasted rather familiar...).

Seafood laksa ($11.50)

Entrance to restaurant Ipoh on York

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