Malaysian Food House, Sydney (24th August 2012)

Su Wei and I catch up for lunch regularly and often, we would end up in some Malaysian restaurant I've never been to. Today, Su Wei took me to Malaysian Food House located in Hunter Connection, a place I never knew existed until she showed me where the entrance to the shopping complex was located (the official entrance is off Pitt St but we went in through the service lane off George St). Just underneath the escalators near the Pitt St entrance lies Malaysian Food House, a rather dingy-looking Malaysian restaurant that at first sight screams 'dodgy food' - not at all appealing in look (forget about ambience whatsoever) but perhaps the food would fantastic that appearances need not matter (those of you who grew up in Asia would understand this - some of the tastiest food are served in such places that would never pass Western health and food safety standards).

At 1.30pm, we've missed the lunch hour rush so the restaurant wasn't very busy - there was no queue when we headed up to the counter and ordered our meals. Both Su Wei and I ended up having the same dish, the seafood laksa (cost $8.30). We were given a chit with a number and then went in search for a table whilst we waited for our number to be called to collect the food. In less than 5 minutes, our number was called and we collected our meals. Hmm, the laksa broth looked quite thick and creamy - I'm not a fan of creamy laksa broth but this one had good flavour and the spices weren't overpowered by the coconut milk which was a plus. Most restaurants serve their laksa with part egg noodles and part rice vermicelli - I guessed the restaurant had ran out of egg noodles for the day for my laksa had only rice vermicelli (Su Wei's had a few strands of egg noodles). With only a single prawn, two slices of fish cake, a fish ball, a stick of surimi and two tofu puffs, I felt the dish lacked ingredients to justify it being a seafood laksa (it needed more seafood). Overall the dish was pretty average - I've definitely had better laksa elsewhere (and in much a nicer setting).

Seafood laksa ($8.30)

In the small shop lot of Malaysian Food House

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