Malacca Straits Thai, North Sydney (26th July 2012)

We've had several new starters in the North Sydney team recently and surprisingly, almost all of them were female - yay to increasing the female headcount in the team! Since Violet left, it has been just me and Julie-Ann having girls' lunch on Thursdays but now we'll have a few more girls joining in :) 

Unfortunately most of the girls weren't around today so it was just me and new starter Nicky who caught up for lunch. Nicky had joined us a couple of weeks ago and was still getting her bearings on where to go to for lunch in the area so I introduced her to one of my favourite lunch spots, Malacca Straits Thai. As usual, there was a crowd gathered by the counter to order or collect their food but service was always quick and we didn't have to wait long to place our orders. We both ended up having the Thursday special, the Ayam Goreng (cost $9). "You know, I've only started eating meat," said Nicky while we waited to collect our meals. Oh-o, not sure how the Ayam Goreng would go down with her given that the dish was all meat and rice with little to no vegetables. Hmm, perhaps I should have taken her elsewhere if I had known...

We collected our meals and found ourselves a table in the busy food court. A dish on the specials board available only on Tuesdays and Thursdays, the Ayam Goreng (which means 'fried chicken' in Malay) was crispy on the outside yet tender and moist on the inside, infused with herbs and spices, and served with Hainanese chicken rice and chilli, a few slices of cucumber and a hot bowl of bean sprout broth. Ah, the fried chicken brought back fond memories of breakfast with Mum and Dad at Jai's in Batu Pahat where Dad often orders a side of fried chicken to go with our rice, cuttlefish sambal, fried omelette and sayur lodeh (vegetables cooked in a coconut-based soup). FYI, it is NORMAL to have a heavy breakfast in Malaysia. Another winning dish from Malacca Straits Thai which I would highly recommend trying! 

I was rather amazed to see Nicky enjoying her meal - I've always had the impression when a vegetarian starts eating meat, their system tends to reject it and made them feel sick. Not for Nicki, that's for sure! Our only gripe about the meal was the cutlery - plastic forks and spoons just didn't cut it and made it a pain to remove meat from bone so we resorted to eating the chicken pieces with our hands. Not the most ladylike but too delicious to leave any meat (and crispy skin) behind.

Ayam Goreng ($9)

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