Jimmy's Recipe, Sydney (10th June 2012)

I decided to grab an early lunch before heading to Event Cinemas on George St for another Sydney Film Festival movie so went to check out Jimmy's Recipe located on the ground level of The Galeries. Anna had previously mentioned that this place served really good laksa - sounds like a place to put my Malaysian palate to good use!

I arrived around 11am and there were already a few early customers in sight. There was no queue so I strolled up to the counter and ordered myself a Seafood Laksa (cost $9). "Actually, give me one curry puff as well," I said, pointing at the golden curry puffs ($2 each) sitting in the smorgasbord. It has been ages since I last had a curry puff! A savoury pastry that Mum would sometimes buy for breakfast back when I was schooling in Malaysia - brings back lots of good memories of our breakfasts at home :) Wow, the service was really fast! I had only just paid for my meal and in less than two minutes, my meal was ready to be collected. Sweet!

There were plenty of tables available and I chose to sit at a table on their mezzanine level (the diner is split level). Mmm, a nice warm bowl of laksa - just what my tummy needs to warm up on such a cold, wet day :) My seafood laksa was a generous serving of mostly rice vermicelli and a few strands of egg noodles (I prefer half-and-half) in a coconut curry broth - beansprouts, fishballs, fishcakes, surimi, tofu puffs, several tiny mussels and a single shelled prawn (very stingy) made up the rest of the ingredients of this dish. The broth had the right consistency, not too thick nor too watery however lacked spiciness, perhaps to cater more for the local taste. In Malaysia, a dollop of laksa spice or sambal is often provided with the dish though I wasn't offered on order (didn't see a condiments section either). But despite some of its shortcomings, I must say I did enjoy my laksa - it was definitely too much for me and I still needed room for my curry puff! 

The curry puff, much like the laksa lacked spiciness even though it had a tasty curried vegetable filling. The outer casing was made of flake pastry and the whole puff deep-fried, giving it the golden-brown colour and crunchy texture. I don't even want to think how long I have to workout in the gym to work off the many calories in this...The diner is definitely known to the Malaysian community in Sydney, several customers could be heard speaking in Manglish (mangled English with sentences made from a combination of vocabulary from the various languages and dialects spoken in Malaysia), an indication to me that the Malaysian food here is pretty good. I see that they also serve Assam Laksa and Ipoh Hor Fun - well worth a second visit to try these dishes out.

Jimmy's Recipe located on the ground floor of The Galeries

Seafood laksa ($9)

Curry puff ($2)

 A flake pastry fried shell stuffed with curried potatoes,
 onions, carrots and peas

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