Malay-Chinese Takeaway, Sydney (4th June 2012)

I had an appointment in town and ended up having a late lunch around 2.15pm. Fortunately for me, Malay-Chinese Takeaway located on Hunter St was still open for lunch - there were several other latecomers like me in the shop having a meal when I arrived. Ah, my long awaited visit to this Malaysian restaurant...I've been on a hunt for the a good Hainanese Chicken Rice and my Google search revealed that this place serves quite a good one. Well, I guess that's what I'll be ordering then! I paid the $8.70 for the dish and proceeded to find myself a table in the large dining area which reminded me much of a school canteen. Rather empty as it is now, my guess is that it gets very busy during the peak lunch period (not surprised that they can fit up to 50 people at a time).

"Chicken rice!" shouted the lady behind the counter. Oh, that's me! I headed over to collect my tray of food - a plate of chicken rice with nearly boneless chicken thigh chopped into bite-size pieces 
drenched in soy sauce sitting on a bed of sliced cucumber and garnished with shredded ginger and spring onion. A complimentary bowl of watercress soup came with the dish. The chilli sauce can be obtained from the condiments area at the collection counter but beware - there are several red-coloured sauces and you want to get the correct one that goes with this dish. Hmm, they don't have any disposable sauce containers left...oh well, I guess I would have to just scoop some of the chilli onto my plate...

The verdict? Well, I've had better Hainanese Chicken Rice elsewhere in Sydney. The service was prompt and food cheap, and the chicken moist and tender but the drenched sauce was too salty and most of my rice had absorbed it. The rice hardly had a hint of chicken stock and strangely tasted like coconut rice (or perhaps it was just the saltiness). What really didn't do it for me was the chilli sauce - it is so hard to get this condiment right and it is what makes or breaks the essence of this Malaysian dish. Back to the drawing board to find me another Hainanese Chicken Rice location :/ Reading several food blogs written by the Sydney food blogger community of Malay-Chinese Takeaway suggests that this place serves the best laksa in town. I'll have to return to try their laksa - perhaps they do a lot better in this other well-known Malaysian dish. Photos taken on my mobile at the restaurant:

Hainanese Chicken Rice ($8.70)

Malay-Chinese Takeaway on Hunter St

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  1. Angelica, perhaps you should try the hainanese chicken rice at dixon food court. Fat Bird Express. The serve the most authentic chicken rice

  2. Thanks Anonymous for the suggestion - will definitely have to check out Fat Bird Express!


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