Bibaps, North Sydney (24th May 2012)

In my bid to find healthier lunch options, I decided to try out a ssam at Bibaps (located in Berry Square food court) instead of my usual tofu bibimbap. Ssam, literally meaning 'wrapped', is a Korean dish where a leafy vegetable is used to wrap a piece of meat, and often served with the Korean condiment ssamjang. There are many varieties of ssam these days and the type that Bibaps sell is very similar to Vietnamese rice paper rolls but with a Korean twist (I believe the name for this type of ssam is wollamssam).

A pack of
ssam cost $5.50 and consists of two thick rolls pre-wrapped with vegetables and cooked meats (choice of either prawn, chicken or beef). I couldn't help myself staring at the fat succulent prawns and picked up a prawn ssam pack and a miso soup to go (a cup of miso costs only $1 if you buy a lunch item from Bibaps). I can so picture Jono shaking his head in disapproval because I've been naughty again, eating prawns (I've a mild allergy to crustaceans)...but there are only 6! Refraining from crustaceans is SO hard when I love eating them!

Back at my work desk and it was time to 'dissect' the wollamssam hehe...Each roll consisted of three chillied prawns and was filled with plenty of shredded mixed leaf lettuce, a strip of cucumber and capsicum each, as well as a few strands of alfalfa sprouts. The ssam pack came with a small bottle of dipping sauce for the rolls - I put a few drops onto my roll and on first bite, I didn't think it was at all spicy so added a lot more on my ssam before taking a second bite. Woah, that really gave quite a kick! The dipping sauce had a nice sweetish zing and an explosive spiciness when it hits your mouth, making it a great compliment to the simple and plain ssam. Hmm, might be a new regular for me...Photos taken of my yummy lunch:

My takeaway lunch of prawn ssam ($5.50) and 
miso soup ($1 with purchase of a lunch item)

Lots of vegetables!

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