Junior Thai, North Sydney (19th April 2012)

"So what's for lunch?" Julie-Ann and I said in unison as we waited for the lifts and both laughed. This is the thing about our Thursday lunches - we would work all the way up till 12pm and only then think about lunch, often making the journey on the lifts to the lobby a discussion on what to eat. Both of us felt like soup today (autumn weather kicking in) so we decided to check out what was available at the food court in Berry Square

We headed to the upper level food court where you could find several noodle soup shops - Julie-Ann ordered herself a ramen from the Japanese stall while I headed to Junior Thai next door and got myself a seafood tom yum soup with thin rice noodles (cost $9.50). Junior Thai, as the name suggests, serves Thai food and offers a good selection from made-on-order noodle soups and stir fries to food from the smorgasbord. The shop front got quite crowded as I waited to collect my noodle soup - hmm, seemed like the noodle soup here is pretty popular, a favourite among the lunchtime crowd.

Some 10 minutes later, I still hadn't been called to collect my food. The guy that ordered after me was called first and I actually think he has taken my lunch! I approached the counter when the Thai staff waved me over to get my food and sure enough, it was not mine. Though still seafood tom yum soup, I got broad rice noodles instead. "This is not what I ordered - I asked for thin rice noodles," I explained to the middle-aged lady to which she responded in her lack of English "Noodle ok? Ok," and after about 15 seconds to and fro like this, her insisting I needed to take the already prepared meal, I gave up and said ok - I wasn't going to win this fight and had kept Julie-Ann waiting long enough so annoyingly took the noodle soup and headed to our table. Grr...

On closer inspection of my disposable plastic bowl of hot soup, the soup itself was a clear soup base with a dollop of tom yum paste on the top 
(my guess is they use the same soup base for all their soup dishes but just put a different paste on the top depending on what you order) which I had to stir into my bowl filled with generous servings of pre-cooked vegetables and seafood, and surprisingly not much noodles - good for me since I'm not a big fan of broad rice noodles in soup and helps me cut down on my carb intake. Quite tasty with a slight spicy kick and great for the cold weather. Hmm, I think I may have found myself another noodle soup spot in North Sydney!

Junior Thai offers a variety of choices from smorgasbord to cook-on-order meals

Seafood tom yum noodle soup ($9.50)

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