Sushia, North Sydney (3rd April 2012)

Since the opening of Sushia earlier this year, this little takeaway sushi roll and fresh bar has been my once-a-week sushi lunch stop. Located on the Metro Level of Greenwood Plaza, Sushia is open from as early as 8.30am, its team of Japanese staff busily working away in their small kitchen preparing the food from scratch and filling up the display shelves with a colourful assortment of sushi. The smell of cooked vinegared sushi rice lingers in the nostrils as I walk past this shop on my way to the office each morning, often wondering if anyone actually stops to pick up some sushi for breakfast. Really? Sushi for breakfast?? Hmm, doesn't seem quite appropriate...

Come lunchtime, you would often find a line at Sushia but do not fret, the wait is very short - the staff at Sushia have a pretty efficient work system, with one staff mainly serving incoming customers, passing the paper bag with your sushi and complimentary soy sauce to the cashier who then hands you the food and collects payment. The shop 
sells a variety of yummy sushi (you can pick you own), sushi boxes, sushi rolls as well as sticks of deep fried snacks. I often go for the seaweed salad and a sushi roll (cost $6.80) for a light and quick lunch. I love seaweed salad - it's crunchy and has a slight tangy flavour, a real treat for me to have as an entree to my sushi roll. A must-try if you haven't had seaweed salad before! My favourite sushi rolls here would have to be the California Roll and Lobster Salad Roll, ironically the more Western-style sushi, but tastes great.

In the queue for takeaway sushi at Sushia

Plenty of sushi varieties available at Sushia

Sushi rolls

Lunch today - seaweed salad and California sushi roll :)

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