Ton Ton Regent, Sydney (4th March 2012)

For a woman, I have major shopping issues - I do not go out shopping on a whim but only shop when I really need to, such as when my shoes are totally worn or irreparable. I'm also quite particular about what I do end up buying - it has to be affordable and still look good. Frankly, I do not find enjoyment going from shop to shop if I don't have anything in mind to purchase and aimlessly browsing for stuff - gives me more stress than relaxation! I'm not sure if this is a learnt behaviour from days when I was severely cutting back on my expenses to pay off my personal loan - though I'm no longer money-tight (and debt free), it still pains me to part with my hard-earned money. Jono has on several occasions 'enforced' me to buy clothes for myself when we have been out shopping because he knows only too well that I would follow him around and come back empty-handed. Today, he has sent me on a mission to find a suitable pair of hiking boots which I need for our upcoming trip to Machu Picchu. Just the thought of the task is enough to increase my stress levels! Eek!!

After spending most of the morning walking from one outdoor clothing store to the next on Kent St trying out different brands of hiking boots, I finally stopped for a break for lunch around 1pm. Gee, finding the right pair of hiking boots was a lot harder than I thought - there are so many things to consider (waterproof, breathable, flexible, comfort, fit etc) and so far, I've only found one that meets most of the requirements but it doesn't look very pretty in design and costs a whopping $250. Hmm, there are a few more shops to go...hopefully find something slightly cheaper...

Lunch this afternoon was at the nearby Ton Ton Regent, a branch of Ton Ton Takeaway located on the street level walkway of the Regent Place shopping and dining centre, just off Bathurst and George Streets. You wouldn't see this small Japanese restaurant walking down busy George Street unless you meander into the narrow walkway - I would often end up in Menya Mappen whenever I'm in this area and only knew of Ton Ton Regent because my other foodie member Ken told me about it (and Ken always has pretty awesome cheap eats recommendations!).

Ton Ton Regent is a takeaway diner though you can also dine on site. In addition to their signature "Ton Ton Ramen", there are a variety of Japanese dishes to choose from including ramen, udon/soba, donburi (Japanese "rice bowl dish"), Japanese curry and gyoza. Looking at the pictures of the dishes they have on display, my eyes kept flitting back to the Kara-age Ramen - it was love at first sight! "I'll have a Kara-age Ramen, please," I said to the young Japanese chap behind the counter and paid him the $9.80 for my meal (this place takes cash only). I was then given a number and took it with me in search of a table in the dining area. There were several other customers enjoying their meals in house and plenty of seats were still available.

Just as I was about to get comfortable in my corner table, a friendly Japanese waitress turned up with my ramen. Wow, this was a lot larger than I expected...The ramen was a 
generous serving of perfectly al dente ramen in a soy-flavoured soup topped with crunchy deep fried chicken pieces and lots of chopped shallots, seaweed and bean sprouts. Mmm, nice warm wholesome noodle soup (even though not quite the appropriate meal for summer) and delicious kara-age chicken...belly happy :) For less than ten bucks, the ramen really filled me up making it good value for money and great for a quick meal. Definitely coming back again to try out their other dishes soon!

Ton Ton Regent in Regent Place

Kara-age Ramen ($9.80) - ramen in soy-flavoured soup topped with
chopped spring onions, seaweed, beansprouts and deep-fried chicken pieces

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