Greenwood Chinese Takeaway, North Sydney (23rd February 2012)

You know, even after almost having lived a year in Sydney, it still gets to me some days when the train is so packed and my personal space totally invaded. Just look at this photo taken on my mobile this morning on my commute to work:

It will be sometime before I get use to this (or will I never?) - there are just too many people  living in this big city! Imagine the number of people heading to work all stressed and flustered from trying to get on and off the train. And they haven't even started their work day yet!

Work for me has been busy, meetings after meetings most of this week. I'm definitely back to my normal routine, my holiday now a distant memory (even though it was only 2 weeks ago). Can't wait till the Easter long weekend when Jono and I head off on a short trip to Ayers Rock - looking forward to it! :)

Anyway, what I really wanted to talk about 
(write about, to be correct) today is this small Chinese takeaway restaurant named Greenwood Chinese Takeaway I found on Greenwood Level of Greenwood Plaza in North Sydney, a regular lunch spot for me since I first discovered the restaurant some 9 months ago - this is the place I go to for my 'siew yuk' (Cantonese for Chinese crispy roast pork belly) fix. Though I've not been to many Hong Kong BBQ restaurants in Sydney, I have had plenty of roast pork growing up and I can assure you the roast pork here is very good. The meat (the inner most layer) is tender and generously coated with five-spice powder, the layer of juicy fat above the meat still oozes fatty oils when pressed, and the skin, crispy golden and crunchy - it is the perfect 'siew yuk'! Not helping my goal to lose weight eating this (oh, but it's so good!)...If you're a fan of 'siew yuk', go for their Roast Pork on Rice - it's my favourite :) For $9.50, you get a plate of rice with a generous serving of roast pork drizzled with BBQ sauce, blanched 'kai-lan' or Chinese broccoli on the side, and a complimentary small container of warm corn soup. To be honest, the roast pork serving is a bit much for one - I often feel rather greased out after I finished the whole meal. So instead, I would order the dish as a takeaway, having half for lunch and saving the other half for later. That way I get to savour and eat all the yummy roast pork (though it's not as nice reheated). The serving of the 'kai-lan' is a bit stingy (I really would like more) and the soup, well, I suggest don't bother having it (I usually say no to the soup when offered) - it is quite starchy and makes me feel even like I'm on my way to inducing a heart-attack having it with my already calorie-loaded roast pork and rice. A clear, simple soup would have been a better compliment to the meal.
Even though the name suggests that the restaurant is a takeaway, Greenwood Chinese Takeaway does have several tables so you can still eat in. At times, you may have to share a table with other customers if eating in during the lunchtime rush. 
And yes, most of their customers are Asians. The restaurant offers a variety of other meats (BBQ pork, roast duck and soy chicken) served with rice or noodles, and of course, you can buy these meat on its own by the grams or portions. The restaurant also offers a smorgasbord (I've tried it once and the food was alright) and several other dishes such as wonton noodle soup and laksa on order. Photos taken at Greenwood Chinese Takeaway:

View of the small diner from my indoor table

Roast duck, roast pork, BBQ pork and soy chicken hanging on display

Roast Pork on Rice ($9.50) with kai-lan, corn soup and chilli sauce

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