Bibaps, North Sydney (8th February 2012)

On days that I feel the need to top up my vegetable intake, I would head to Bibaps in Berry Square food court to pick up a takeaway tofu bibimbap. Bibimbap (its literal translation from Korean meaning 'mixed rice') is a popular Korean dish and is served as a bowl of warm white rice topped with sauteed and seasoned vegetables, and usually accompanied with a raw egg and sliced beef - the meal is stirred together before eating. For $8, you can pick up a bibimbap from Bibaps that comes in a paper bowl with a plastic lid containing a bed of warm white rice topped with sauteed and seasoned  shredded carrots, sliced mushrooms and zucchini, bean sprouts and chopped Asian greens, with meat choices of bulgogi (Korean-style beef), teriyaki chicken/fish, miso pork or tofu. Add-ons such as a fried egg, brown rice or miso soup are available - I always go for brown rice option for an extra 50 cents. Two pieces of lightly pan-fried firm tofu garnished with a few slices of cut green and red chillies (I like it more for the spicy kick, not just the garnish) sat beautifully on top of my brown rice bibimbap, a few sprinkles of sesame seeds and drops of soy sauce to top it off. You also get the choice of a sauce packed separately to go with your bibimbap - these range from mild to hot and though I'm offered a sauce every time (and have tried a few), I much prefer my tofu bibimbap plain without sauces. It's very yummy as it is!

Besides bibimbaps, Bibaps also serve other takeaway meals such as lunch boxes, sushi, rice rolls, udon and salads. The staff are always friendly and welcoming, and though the stall crowds up during the lunchtime rush, there is often little wait time making Bibaps a great place to pick up a meal if you're in a hurry.

Lunchtime rush though there's hardly any waiting

Tofu bibimbap with brown rice ($8.50) with miso sauce

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