The Woolleys have arrived! (11th January 2012)

The Woolleys are here! David, Cheryl and Michelle finally arrived in Sydney this evening - they have been in Sunshine Coast visiting Janet and family the last couple of days and now spending some time with us here in Sydney before everyone heads to Melbourne for the tennis. Their flight was delayed by an hour due to winds in Sydney, arriving at 7.30pm instead. I thought it was rather strange that winds were the cause of the delay - if it was in Wellington, it would be almost daily since Wellington is always windy! 

This was the first time Jono and I had taken a car (we booked a GoGet stationwagon for the evening) to the airport to pick someone up and it took us awhile to figure out where to leave the car and locating the domestic arrival gate. There were hardly any signs to indicate where the arrivals area was and you couldn't actually get to the gate (most require a boarding pass and security checks). We ended up waiting for the family at the baggage collection area and shortly after their plane landed, they emerged from the security doors on the floor above (hmm, my guess is that's the only exit for all incoming domestic passengers). "Hello again!," I said to the family all smiles and this was followed by plenty of hugs. It's been almost 9 months since Jono and I saw his family in person so it was really great to see them again :)

After piling the bags and everyone into the stationwagon (good thing we got the stationwagon - it only just fit all 5 of us and the bags!), we headed off to Glebe to the Hesketh home where we were had a late dinner together. There was so much to talk about over wine and nibbles in the back garden, occasionally interrupted by the resident possum who decided to welcome the guests by pelleting its poo onto a nearby fan palm (fortunately none got into our food, drinks or us), or by the huge spider Michelle found crawling up the ledge where David was sitting by - it was bigger than my thumb and we think it might be a garden orbweaver. An exciting start to their Sydney holiday, I say! Photo taken on Jono's phone of the spider:

Tim and Beryl were fabulous hosts as always, constantly keeping us hydrated (with alcohol, that is) and cooked up some wonderful grilled fish and salads. More chit-chat and laughter over dinner indoors and around 10.30pm, it was time for Jono, Michelle and I to head home. David and Cheryl were putting up at the Heskeths during their stay in Sydney while Michelle (and Mike who arrives on Friday) will be sleeping on the inflatable mattress in our living room (sorry guys, wished we had a spare room!). I've given the family a suggested itinerary of things they can do in Sydney - plenty to do to keep them busy :) Jono will be showing the family around during the day while I'm at work tomorrow. And we'll be celebrating David's birthday in the evening at a Brazilian churrascaria - hope he'll enjoy it!


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