May's Laksa House, North Sydney (7th December 2011)

I've been craving a good Hainanese chicken rice and with the help of the internet found that one of the eateries that serves this dish is located in North Sydney, right behind my office - score! So around 11.45am, I headed to Berry Square to May's Laksa House to sample their highly reviewed Hainanese chicken rice. Will they trump the folks at Singapore Shiok! in Haymarket? Time to find out!

It was pretty quiet when I arrived - usually it gets quite busy during the lunch hour rush, customers shuffling along in the long queue to place their orders then gathering around the area to collect their meals. There was a tray of complimentary self-service prawn crackers at the counter, obviously a means to keep the customers happy while they waited. I wasn't exactly waiting but helped myself to a few too - yum :) The staff were friendly and young (in age). Loud funky music blared in the background making these young folk look energetic and having fun on the job.

My Hainanese chicken rice (cost $8.50) was ready in less than 10 minutes - my number was called and I went up to the counter to collect my meal. Mmm, looks and smells pretty good! The chicken was deboned and moist, topped with a variety of sauces, fried shallots and lots of spring onions with tomato and cucumber slices on the side. This has got to be the best Hainanese chicken rice I've had since living abroad - oh, you have no idea how happy I am to have finally found a decent Hainanese chicken rice! The soup was somewhat lukewarm but still delicious. I'm was most impressed with their chilli sauce, a right mixture of chillies, garlic, ginger and level of spice which made it an amazing complement to the dish (and made me miss the food back in Malaysia so much!). You can tell it was good - I polished off my plate pretty quickly, wishing the serving was a lot larger as I haven't had my fill :P Must come back again for the chicken rice soon!

Hainanese chicken rice ($8.50)

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