Andy's Sushi, North Sydney (15th November 2011)

I realised that I often blog about my foodie experiences but have never mentioned the places I go to for lunch around my office in North Sydney. Personally, I don't think I've fully explored all the lunch hot spots in the vicinity - I seem to always return to the same places for certain types of food/cuisine and when I've exhausted most of my lunch break at the gym, lunch tends to be something quick. Occasionally on my non-workout days, I would take time out to have a sit-down meal and today was one of those days. Hmm, I haven't had chicken noodle soup for a while...

Around 12pm, I headed to Andy's Sushi located less than 2 minutes walk from the MLC Building on Miller St where I work. A sushi chain found in most food courts, this shop was the place I frequented during the winter months for their chicken noodle soup (they have the beef option too). Cost $7 for a large bowl of rice noodles served over a bed of bean sprouts and basil drenched in a clear broth with a wedge of lemon on the side, and cut chillies and bean/hoisin sauce in small disposable plastic containers. It tastes almost similar to the Vietnamese pho ga though I think Pasteur on George St in Haymarket still serves the best pho in town. I'm not sure what it is, maybe it's the broth or the fact that the shredded chicken in my noodle soup is always overcooked. Still, this is the best I've had in North Sydney - I have tried a few pho places here but none of them were any good. You know what's ironic? I'm having Vietnamese chicken noodle soup in a Japanese sushi place that is served by Koreans (oh, trust me, I know they are Koreans - whenever the phone rings, they say 'An nyeong ha se yo' which means 'hello' in Korean).

Andy's Sushi primarily sells sushi rolls and for a cheap price of $5, you get 3 sushi rolls of your choice - if cut up, it probably makes about 12 sushi pieces which is enough to fill you up. Interestingly, the shop no longer cuts your sushi rolls on request due to hygiene reasons as per their bright yellow sign stuck by the counter (what hygiene reasons???). Highly popular with the folks in my building, the queues for sushi here can be up to five person deep though it moves along rather quickly. Personally, I wouldn't recommend the sushi rolls - in the many occasions that I've purchased the rolls, it often turns out sloppy and just doesn't taste or look very appealing. In fact, I always regret buying them for lunch as the more bites I take, the more I feel like throwing it up. True, it's a cheap lunch for $5 but I rather pay a bit more and get quality sushi from the other sushi places around the area. I'll just stick to my usual chicken noodle soup thanks...

Sushi counter at Andy's Sushi

Chicken noodle soup ($7)

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