Salsa dancing at Cruise Bar (15th September 2011)

Normally I would need a bit of encouragement to go out salsa dancing on a weeknight but tonight I've made my own decision to go and texted Ken to find out if he was heading over as well. I was feeling rather annoyed after attending work drinks at the client site - I was trying to network with the people in the project I've not met yet but the moment they learnt that I was working for their vendor,  all conversations ceased and turned to me getting a nasty helping of their complaints on why this doesn't work or if I knew whether the defect has been fixed. Er, excuse me? First of all, I work in the Datamart team so am not across all defects raised (and for the record, my team is doing darn well and only have very few defects left opened) and secondly, why are we still discussing work at after-work drinks?? I gave up after an hour and left the party out of sheer frustration - this was not the first time it had happened and it really puts me off attending such social events knowing it only makes me feel terrible after. I just couldn't get through to anyone without eventually talking about work and was feeling like such a social retard. I didn't think my social skills were that bad - really??

A quick stop back home to change and grabbed a bite, I headed out to meet Ken at Cruise Bar around 8.30pm. This was my second time to the bar and it was still rather quiet when I arrived. Several groups of people were there for social drinks and the dance floor was dead with no dancers in sight. The regular Thursday salsa night was meant to start at 8.30pm but it wasn't till around 9pm that the DJ finally arrived and started playing Latin music. Photo of a very quiet Cruise Bar:

Ken and his mate Chizz arrived shortly, followed by his salsa gang members Sam and Laura. Introductions were made and I was able to hold a conversation and even got a few laughs out of our little group. So obviously I'm NOT a social retard but it is the people and/or environment I'm in that makes the difference. Sheesh! I'm feeling much better now being in good company :)

Sam, Laura, Ken and I kicked off the dancing being the first 2 couples to hit the dance floor. There were a lot less people tonight compared to the last time I was here. I found myself several Cuban dancers to dance with which was fun. In between my dances, I chatted with Chizz who was visiting Ken from Melbourne - Chizz is cool and has a great sense of humour, asking me lots of questions about dancing. He's a non-dancer but that might soon change after I told him it's a great way to meet girls in a fun and safe environment (you didn't hear that from me!). 

Oh, there was an interesting character at Cruise tonight, an oldish Asian man whom both Ken and I thought was slightly creepy. Shriveled-looking yet dressed ghetto-style with lots of bling, the man loves showing off his shines leaving most followers to balk and unsure what to do next as he continues on slapping his foot on the floor dancing in his own world. Well, he's earned himself a nickname from me, Mr Octopus Arms, because he has the habit of moving his arms in that manner while dancing. Peacock Guy, Fishy Man, Chest Vibrator and now Octopus Arms - the nicknames don't stop, do they? :P

It's a pity tonight's a weeknight so I can't stay late and headed home by 10ish. Still, an hour of dancing helped me get over my earlier annoyance and boosted my self-confidence. Feeling much happier now! :)


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