Last weekend in New Zealand (5th - 6th March 2011)

Time flies and it's now the our last weekend in NZ. Still quite a lot of packing to do, sorting out what goes back to Steve (Steve used to flat with Jono and left a lot of his furniture and kitchen items with us when he went overseas) and transporting them in our cars over to Steve's new flat in Thorndon, which items are to be dropped off at the Salvation Army and which ones to pack up for storage in Palmerston North, and of course, deciding what needs to go with us to Sydney. And in between all the sorting and multiple trips here and there, we also had TradeMe buyers dropping in throughout most of Saturday to collect their purchases from us. It was insane!

Around 5pm, we finally stopped working and sank ourselves into the sofa in the lounge. Oh my god, I'm exhausted...I can't move anymore...but we can't stop's our farewell drinks tonight...We took a short nap on the sofa and was back up and got ready to head out to our party. A quick stop at Kapai on Courtenay Place for a healthy dinner and around 7pm, we walked over to Hashigo Zake to meet up with our friends.

Hah, as I expected, we were the first to arrive! Well, we were the hosts of the party so should turn up ahead of everyone anyway. I had contacted Hashigo Zake to book out an area for our party as well as ordered platters in advance ($180 for 3 platters of mixed nibbles to be brought out throughout the night). Signs "The lounge is reserved from 7pm for Jonathan & Angelica" were put up on the tables in the lounge area which was great though we got several evil looks from other patrons for hogging the entire area when there's only two of us sipping our beer. Some didn't give a damn about the signs and sat down anyway. Hmm, they can stay for now but when more of our friends turn up, they had better move...grr... 

Friends and work colleagues from both our social networks started to pour in as the night continued, stopping for a drink or two and gave us their well wishes for our new adventures in Sydney. It was really nice to catch up with everyone before we headed off and sorry if I didn't get to spend more time with each of you as I would have liked - too many friends to catch up with in just one night! Do keep in touch and come visit us in Sydney soon! Photos taken at our farewell drinks here.

Sunday was yet another day of moving, this time with David's help to bring the remaining furniture and storage boxes up to Palmerston North on the trailer we rented from the corner gas station in Palmy when we were there last weekend. Gee, how is it that we have so much stuff?! I would have a lot more if it wasn't because I intended to leave NZ in 2007 and moved several times within Wellington since I returned - it was a tedious effort to move my stuff that I swore never to build up crap again. Still, I'm guilty for a few boxes to be brought up to the Woolleys home for storage :/

Wow, our room looks so empty...With the queen-sized bed dismantled and packed into the trailer, the only remains were our luggage bags and pile of clothes to be reorganised into them on Monday. This is it - we are moving to Sydney!

The rest of the day was spent up in Palmy, unpacking the trailer and putting our stuff away (mostly stored in Jono's room) before heading out to dinner with Jono's parents and their family friends at Rendezvous Restaurant in Fitzherbert that Cheryl had organised. Was so nice to catch up with the extended family - Tony & Mary, Graeme & Diane, Janet, Hossien & Nazi were all present tonight. And Cheryl even got us a farewell card and has been secretly going round the table for each person to sign. Thanks everyone for your well wishes - we'll miss you all heaps! Keep in touch and please come visit us in Sydney!! Photos taken by Janet:

Me and Jono all smiles for the camera

Cheryl and Mary

Graham and Diane

Jono and his mum

One more day back in Wellington to finish up the last of our packing and cleaning up the flat, a few hours sleep in our sleeping bags and then an early departure to the airport for Sydney on Tuesday morning. Oh, and we'll be dropping my car off too with my work colleague Anne and her partner Vincent - yes, they bought over my lovely Yaris (s0 sad I have to part with it - I really like my little blue zippy car!). But it cannot come with us to Sydney so has to go :/ But I'm sure Anne and Vincent will enjoy the car as much as I did :)

Sydney here we come!


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