First day in our new home! (14th March 2011)

Jono was up at 7am and I continued to snooze for a bit while he got ready for his first day at work. A brand new week in Sydney and we're officially moving into our new home in Erskineville today! Jono headed off to work shortly and with the remaining bags, I went to the reception at Regis to settle our bills around 8.30am. I was left with only $50 in my bank account after paying for our stay at serviced apartment ($1000 for the week). Ouch... Interestingly, we weren't charged for internet usage in the room so I kept mum about it and proceeded to leave the building with our belongings. 

Our rented serviced apartment at Regis

We had a kitchenette which was really small and not ideal for cooking

View from the apartment

I headed over to Central station and caught the train to St Peters - though we live in Erskineville, our apartment is actually closer to the St Peters train station. It took quite a bit of effort carrying two day-packs and a trolley up the flights of stairs. I wonder how the disabled and old would manage getting to and from the platforms at St Peters station when there aren't any lifts or escalators...A short 10 minute walk and I was at the apartment, arriving around 9.30am. I was panic-stricken for a split second when my key wouldn't work on the lock of our door - phew, thank god it worked! I have the IKEA delivery turning up today and have to be able to get into the apartment!! I stayed in most of the day, putting our stuff away and just enjoying the peace and quiet of the place. Hmm, I like our new home - it's smallish but good enough for two and once we have the place set up, it'll be nice and cosy :)

The IKEA delivery truck turned up at 1pm. I was told by the deliverymen that our apartment was 50 metres away from the road thus they cannot carry all the items up to the apartment as it was against the company policy (the distance from truck to residence has to be under 50 metres). "We'll have to leave it by the footpath," he continued. WTF?! How do you expect me to carry the bed, dining set, study desk, sofa etc on my own??? And it looks as if it would rain soon! They weren't at all helpful with the situation, adding further that I could call a friend to help move the furniture. ARGH!!!!! I eventually sorted out the problem by calling the apartment caretaker to find out if I could have the truck drive up the footpath to the entrance of the apartment and thankfully he said that was no problem. Great! Finally we can get the furniture to the apartment - sheesh, what drama!

I quick stop at Annie's Place Cafe located at the end of our street by Mitchell Road for a takeaway falafel kebab and coffee, and then t
he rest of my day was spent putting together most of the IKEA items we bought. Jono turned up with Indian takeaways for dinner at 7pm and bought toilet paper too (the latter, very important). We ate sitting on the floor while we continued to fix up the furniture and caught up on Jono's first day at work. He enjoyed the induction day and proceeded to show me what he was given: a Macbook Air (work laptop), a sturdy backpack and a Noogler (new Googler) propeller cap. All meals were provided for staff (they have an on-site cafe and if the cafe was closed, they could charge their meal on the company credit card) and there were many other perks including free entry to museums and attractions. Google also pays for our medical insurance (yes, it's for the Googlers and their family members so as Jono's partner, mine is paid for as well) and subsidises up to $70 for our monthly internet expenses. I like it that they take good care of their staff and their family members as well. It is a very awesome company to work for, that's for sure (I wished I work there too)!

I enjoyed putting together our IKEA furniture though m
y hands and arms were pretty sore after working hard the whole day trying to complete as many pieces of furniture as I could. I got Jono to check all the screws to make sure they were tightly secured and we worked together to set up the bigger items like the sofa, study desk and bed. Finally got to sleep around 11.30pm, tired but happy. Ah, our first home, just us :)


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