Day 5 in Sydney: Move to our new home (12th March 2011)

Got up at 9am and headed out for breakfast at North Espresso Bar on Goulburn St near Regis. Cost $24.50 for our coffees, muesli for Jono and eggs on toast for me. Hmm, not sure what it is with scramble eggs but it often makes me feel a bit sick after eating them...maybe I should have had muesli instead...It was a fairly quiet start to a Saturday morning and there were hardly anyone walking about - I guess we were in the business district end of town so most places were closed during the weekend.

Our plan today was to move most of our luggage to our apartment - Jono starts work on Monday, the same day we would be checking out of Regis so I'm pretty much on my own; we needed to move most of our belongings today so I that have only our day packs to carry home on Monday. Around 10.30am, we piled up our items into a taxi and got the driver to take us to Glebe to pick up items Beryl and Tim have put aside for us - some bedding, cutlery, bowls and mugs, a pot and a pan - just a few basics to get us started. I cannot believe the Chinese taxi driver has no idea how to get to our destination in Glebe and he was flipping this thick book of Sydney suburban maps to find the location! Wow, that's just ancient - I've not seen taxi drivers using physical maps these days. Everyone's using GPS! We ended up directing the poor fellow to the Heskeths home using our smartphone. Do we get a discount on the fare for doing your job?

Cost us $45.39 for the taxi ride. We have SO much stuff to carry - we didn't have a box to carry the items we collected from Beryl and Tim so had to leave them on the footpath and made multiple trips back and forth to pick them up and walk to the entrance of our apartment block. Working up a sweat! The rest of the morning was spent unpacking and making a list of things we needed to purchase for our home. Yes, we definitely need a fridge and a washing machine...yep, microwave, kettle, toaster...and the list goes on. It's so nice to have our own place - we have a lot more space to store our belongings than our previous flat. I even have my own separate section of the built-in cupboard that we have in our room. No need to share hanging space with Jono any more :P 

Around 1.30pm, we left the apartment and headed back to town. Darn, just missed the train! It's going to take another half an hour or so before the next one arrives :/ Oh well, might as well grab lunch around here then. We went to check out 
Jetts' Coffee And Delights near St Peters station for light lunch of quiche, tandoori samosa and chilled juices. The owner was really friendly and chatty, and boy was it good to be indoors with air-conditioning - the weather was so warm today! As we were about to pay and leave, we found out that they take only cash so Jono left me at the cafe while he went to find an ATM to withdraw money. How annoying! Shops that take cash only really should have a sign on the door that states so, warning prospective customer in advance. We really need to get into the habit of having cash with us from now on - this is Sydney,  not Wellington any more.

As we left Central station, 
we noticed huge lines of young 20-somethings cramming themselves onto buses at the bus stop across the street from the station. Not sure where these people were headed to but it was for some Futuremusic festival. Look at the mess they have created, littering all over the place while waiting for the bus:

Total havoc!

Back to Regis to chill out and around 5.15pm, we walked to Coles in World Square Shopping Centre. After eating out almost every meal since we got here, Jono suggested we cook instead this evening. Hmm, cooking ended up being a lot more effort with our lack of kitchen utensils and tiny kitchenette in the studio. I can't wait till we officially move and set up our apartment - we have a proper kitchen and gas stove too :) The rest of the evening was a quiet stay-in, watching TV and eating mint chocolate chip ice cream we picked up from the supermarket. Yum!


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