Tarot reading and dinner at Rasa Malaysia & South Indian Restaurant, Te Aro (8th November 2010)

Have you come across this little Asian tarot reader on Cuba Mall? Jono, Steve and I were walking towards Steve’s new place when we saw a young Chinese/Japanese lady with her tarot reading stand (more a small box, really) in the middle of Cuba Mall. I’ve never seen a busker that reads tarot in town yet – this was a first! For a mere $2, you can find out an answer to any question you have in mind, be it your career, money, love, whatever. Steve was rather interested and intrigued so we approached the lady and Steve got a reading on his love life.

Jono and I stood on the side while Steve sat down in the brick steps where the tarot lady sat. She first asked of Steve’s age and used that became the number of times she shuffled her deck of cards. Next, she spread the cards out faced-down, asking Steve to pick 7 cards and she picked 2 – these were the 9 cards that would reveal Steve’s past, present and future love life! One by one, the lady explained the meaning of the cards to Steve (and us) in her limited English. According to tarot lady, it seems that Steve loved someone very deeply in the past but the woman only had one foot in the relationship thus it didn’t last. She continued on telling us that Steve’s looking for a strong in character yet kind woman, then paused at the next card, looking perplexed, as if finding the right words to explain the unfavourable meaning of the card. “What? Tell me, I can handle it,” said Steve, getting concerned. “You are not a good man,” she said and all 3 of us were surprised. What on earth does she mean??! For the record, Steve’s a really nice single man with a great sense of humour and a love for food and cooking so I’m confused – does she mean he will cheat????? Turned out what she meant was that Steve’s the kind of man that when he’s set the rules, he expects them followed and that in turns makes him a bad man. Okay…I’m not sure that this is true…Steve’s a pretty laidback and easy-going person…The tarot reader moved on to tell us about Steve’s future, that this strong-willed woman of his will cause him much pain (I guess she meant 2 strong characters will often end up loggerheads) but that she will compliment and complete him. And he will meet this woman around about March/April next year. Well, we’ll see about that!

As we walked over to Steve’s, we discussed the outcome of his reading and laughed at the fact he was a ‘bad man’. I guess we were all expecting worse than that (broken relationship or cheating and the like) but to be told his supposedly stubbornness makes him a bad man, sorry, we can’t help but laugh. All in all a bit of fun for the evening and something to talk about :P But in all seriousness, I do hope Steve meets a lovely girl soon – he deserves someone nice and I’m sure the right girl would be absolutely adored :)

A brief stop in The Wellington Apartments on upper Cuba St at Steve’s apartment to drop off our bags, we then headed over to Rasa Malaysian & South Indian Restaurant across the street for dinner. I’ve never been to Rasa and always intrigued by their dosai (fermented crepe or pancake made from rice and black lentils) and thali (a selection of different dishes, usually served in small bowls on a round tray) dishes. Jono ordered a dosai with his prawn sambal dish while Steve had goat curry with rice and both boys washed down their dinner with teh tarik. I had a Penang laksa – hmm, not the best laksa in town, I must say, but the dishes both the boys had were nice. Jono’s dosai took a long time to come out (there was a sign in the restaurant stating that it takes time for them to prepare the dosai) and was served like a cone shape on a plate. Tasted sour which wasn’t quite what I was expecting – I was thinking more roti tissue (the thinner version of traditional roti canai). Should have looked up the meaning of dosai before we came here! The price of food averages $15-$30 and for the tiny restaurant, it sure get busy and very crammed when the place fills up. Hey, but busy restaurant means good food so it’s all good :) Oh yeah, if you’re thinking of doing takeaway dinner here then you’re out of luck – the restaurant does not do takeaway dinners. Strange but I guess given the small space, there was no where people could stand to wait for their takeaway meals…

Rasa Malaysian Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Back to Steve’s after dinner and the boys sipped their whiskeys while Steve introduced us to his recent find in Sydney, Mr Vampire TV series on DVD. “Oh my god, Steve – this is what you were raving about? I’ve seen them when I was a kid!” I exclaimed. I could not believe Steve would find interest in such old 1980s TV comedy horror series from Hongkong about a Taoist priest, his inept disciples and of course, vampires. “They are so funny,” explained Steve and I have to agree, it’s still funny watching it today. Silly type of funny where the inept disciples always gets in trouble and the priest comes to the rescue. Ah, but these vampires are quite different from those seen in Western vampire series – to start, the “jiang shi” (Chinese ‘hopping’ vampire) are dressed in traditional Chinese attire and hop around, killing living creatures to absorb life essence from their victims. These vampires are immobilised with blood pricked from the priest’s fingers drawn on the vampire’s forehead and they hop on their feet on the sound of the bell (the Taoist priest does this to transport them for proper burial). Wow, a real flashback from the past – I used to love watching the series with my brother, even though it crept me out watching it late at night. Still creeps me out today actually…hehe…

Around 9pm, Jono and I left Steve’s place for home. Thanks for the fun evening Steve – we’ll need to catch up again!


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