Miss La Belle's Level 2 Pleaser Course (19th October 2010)

I've been hassling Grace (aka Miss La Belle) about her Level 2 Pleaser Course for ages and finally she's conducting another 6-week block this month - yay! Cost $15 per class or $78 for the whole block, this class is for students who have completed her Level 1 Teaser Course where she will be covering more advanced movements including working on confidence and character development. I definitely need more lessons to learn new moves to add to my existing repertoire :)

Wow, Grace's burlesque classes are really taking off! I'm so happy for her that she's living her dream, to teach and impart her saucy moves and help woman feel good about themselves and their body. Go Grace! Both Level 1 and 2 had around 10 female students each, with several familiar faces often seen in the local burlesque scene. Tonight's lesson focused on using feather boas and incorporating it with glove removal building the moves into a whole dance routine. Learnt several new tricks to glove removal - the wedge-in-between knees one was brilliant! I've never used feather boas in any of my dances so it was totally new to me. Can't quite get used to all the fluff - tickles my nose causing me to sneeze. Oh, and feather boas aren't as fluffy and soft as you think. Running my hands through them, I could feel plastic bits all the way through and the trick to convincing your audience it is in your facial expression i.e. pretending that it really is as soft as it looks. Ahhhh..... :P

It was quite an honour to have fellow students come up to me excitedly telling me that I'm Shanghai Rose and their positive feedback of my past performances. Made me feel like a celebrity hehe...well, Shanghai Rose or not, I'm still Angelica and like everyone else, I'm here to learn too and shouldn't be treated differently. It doesn't matter that I've performed on stage before - the girls in my class are able to do the same too. All a matter of practice and just getting up on stage to show off your sexy bits and have fun!

Grace's going to teach us moves with a bra strap next week - more new moves for me to learn! Looking forward to it!


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