Dinner at Jane & Erwin's (31st October 2010)

Jane had rounded up the ‘makan’ gang over to her house today for dinner as her parents were visiting from Malaysia. “What do you need us to bring?” I asked Jane and she responded that Erwin requested my orange carrot cake. No problems!

Around 6.30pm, Jono and I went to pick Mum up from Loafers Lodge then headed to Newlands to Jane and Erwin’s place. For as long as I’ve known Jane, the foodie gang has never met her parents so it was the first for everyone. Welcome back! Jane’s parents lived in NZ for several years but had decided to move back to Malaysia once the kids completed university. As usual, there was lots of chatter (sometimes Manglish heard in the mix) and laughs over good food and wine – we always eat too much, drink too much and have a jolly good time :)

Mum, Jane's mum and Daphnne

From left to right: Jono, Mervyn, Joanne, Jane, David and Erwin

“So, what do you think of the orange carrot cake?” I asked Erwin for his honest opinion. “Hmm, a bit dry but still very nice,” he said politely and I laughed. Yes, I’ve surpassed Mum in making her famous cake (she made the cake today) – my cake was more moist! The student has surpassed the teacher, mua-ha-ha :P

We left around 10pm and there was even food to takeaway home! “Must keep the tradition, that when guests come for dinner, they take food home too,” laughed Jane. Indeed, it seems to be the norm in the group :) Hmm, we should host the dinner at our place sometime, babe, though Mum would probably have to deal with cooking most of the Malaysian dishes. 
And I’ll make the cake!


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