Yellow Bone MTV shoot (4th September 2010)

I’ve been shortlisted for another StarNow-advertised role, this time to model and dance for a hip-hop music video for local rapper Jay Fox aka ILL-Z. About 2 weeks ago, I was contacted by Miles Ovia aka Ace Beatz of Ambulance Productions, the director of the music video to attend a briefing together with the other shortlisted models at Wellington Institute of Technology (WelTec) where we were introduced to each other and informed of what the music video shoot entailed. Miles already had in mind what the video should look like – beautiful sexy ladies dancing confidently to the hip-hop music wearing brightly-coloured clothing (he was trying to replicate Twista’s ‘Give It Up’ music video) and that we were in charge of self-choreographing our dance moves and poses. There would be no nudity involved and we’ll have a team of make-up and hair artists on the day of the shoot. All we had to do was turn up with our brightly coloured clothes and be ready for a fun day! Sounds like my kind of thing :)

Gee, finding brightly coloured clothes from my wardrobe was way harder then I thought – most of my items were black, black and MORE black! Hmm, my wardrobe seriously needs more colour…Jono dropped me off with my bagful of clothes at WelTec at 10am today for the casting call. The room where we did the shoot was all set up with camera lighting and a green screen, hip-hop music playing in the background and welcome posters pinned up all over a whiteboard at the entrance to welcome the models (aww, how sweet!). 

Posters put up on a large whiteboard welcoming the models to the video shoot at WelTec

Once everyone arrived, Miles had a quick look of the clothes we brought (our waiting room looked as if a whole wardrobe had just exploded in it, clothes and shoes everywhere from the table to chairs to the floor) and made each of us select an item of clothing for the first photo shoot. Some of us wore our own stuff while, some borrowed items from the other models. Jacqui, one of my fellow models, got me to put on her sailor costume, saying I would look very cute in it. Let’s hope it will fit!

Oh my, I do look very cute (and naughty!) in the sailor costume hehe…After picking out our clothes, us models then went to the Hairdressing Salon and Beauty Clinic on the ground floor where the hairdressing instructor and several of her apprentices each picked a model to work on their hair and make-up. Apprentice Clare (or maybe her name was Karen?? I’m sorry but I couldn’t remember…) saw me in my outfit and immediately picked me to work her magic on, starting on my hair then make up. My hairstyle had a huge comb over with streaks of white (reminded me of Cruella de Vil) and braids at the bottom for a nautical theme. The make up was heavy with layers of foundation and powder topped with false eyelashes and a glossy pinkish-red lip gloss. The others had on different hairstyles and make up, all very distinct from one another. We also had professional make-up and FX artist Church Haley with us today, airbrushing our hair with washable dye, adding more contrast to our natural hair colour. It was quite fascinating to watch him work, spraying on the colours with a small pen-like tool. Hmm, I wonder if the paint is harmful for his health because I noticed Church’s hands were covered with paint and he’s probably breathing in all the colour too hmm…

Model Jessie getting her make up done

Professional make-up and FX artist Church Haley explaining to model Crystal how airbrushing works

Crystal with her newly airbrushed coloured hair

Dramatic eyeshadow colours on model Krystle

One of the Hairdressing Salon and Beauty Clinic apprentices working on my hair

Model Harita getting her foundation make up done by Church

I was the first to have my hair and make up done and at 1pm, we finally began the shoot. Miles got me to pose while he took close up videos of me and another female photographer taking still shots. I had to come up with my own poses, occasionally directed by Miles or the female photographer on what to do with the majority of shots taken was of me wearing sunglasses. Wardrobe malfunction! I had a mini wardrobe malfunction while posing – my one-piece boob-tube sailor costume fell down to my waist, showing my bra to everyone in the room. The costume was still too big for me and started to slip as I moved for the poses. Everyone who witnessed it was cool about what happened so I casually pulled it back up, pretending nothing had occurred, even though I was feeling rather embarrassed inside. Eek! There was one photo where Miles got Jay and another rapper Konflikt Westrupp standing close to me, looking and/or pointing towards my chest. “Come on, she’s not going to bite – stand closer to her,” urged Ace. It was rather charming seeing how shy the two guys were despite being the stars of the shoot :)

Me in a sailor costume with full hair and make up done posing for the photo shoot

Director Ace Beatz taking still photos of me

Pose #2

Pose #3

Pose #4

Back view of the sailor costume

With local hip-hop rappers ILL-Z and Konflikt Westrupp

Another photo with the boys

One by one the other girls had their turn in front of the camera. I must say, I really enjoy being the centre of attention, all eyes on me (cameras, that is) hehe…The other models looked like they were having a ball too and it made work felt like a day of fun. While the other were busy upstairs with the shoot, I was told to return to the salon to have a total change of hairdo for my 2nd shoot, this time my hair let down and curled with bright blue streaks added in by Church after the lovely hairdressers (3 of them!) finished curling my hair. Model Crystal and I were placed together for the next part of the shoot, with us taking turns watching the other person groove to the music.

Model Jacqui posing for the camera

This mum of two sure looks hot!

Ace made sure there was music playing for us as we self-choreographed our poses and dance moves

Ace giving Crystal some ideas on poses

Check out Crystal's tongue piercing!

Model Angela looking cute and sweet on camera

Model Collette showing off her sexy long legs

Drink with me, baby?

Krystle and Jessie playing police and thief

Time ticked by and we were running so behind schedule. Some of us will have to return tomorrow to finish off the shoot. Oh no…

I’m SO hungry and dying for a coffee…All there was available for us were chocolate bars and RTDs or juice and only around 4pm did we have pizzas brought in for lunch. The final part of my shoot was to dance with Konflikt while he lip sync his rap section of the song and around 5pm, Ace called it a day. Fortunately for me, I was the first person to model and had a total change of style so didn’t have to return tomorrow – yay! Sadly, the rest of the girls will have to come back for another day of shooting as they only had one look and Ace needed each of us to have at least two for the video.

Konflikt and Ace

Dancing as Konflikt lip syncs to his part of the song

Though it turned out to be a long day, I had fun working with the team – everyone was just chilled out and pleasant to work with :) I’m sure there will be more opportunities to work together again and looking forward to it!

Here’s the link to the preview video: 

And the official Yellow Bone MTV: 

* Disclaimer: All photos on this blog post are courtesy of Ambulance Productions


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