Simply Paris, Newtown & World Press Photo Exhibition 2010 (18th September 2010)

Got up around 8am and it’s gorgeous outside! What is this “storm the size of Australia” being forecasted? Just look at the amazing weather!!

View from the window of our room

‘C’mon, go take your shower so we can go out for breakfast before the weather changes,’ prompted Jono, naughtily smacking my behind so I would get up and off the bed. Ok, ok, I’m going! :P

Gee, I was only in the shower for like 10 minutes and it’s now dark and gloomy outside…so much for fine weather… :/ We headed out for breakfast anyway and around 9am, settled in at the corner table by the window at Simply Paris on Riddiford St, enjoying our flat whites and set breakfast meals while watching people walking past coping with the ever-changing weather. I’ve been to Simply Paris on Cuba St for lunch – their pumpkin soup is absolutely divine! This was my first dine-in at the Riddiford St branch and the selection of food is much limited than the one on Cuba St, serving mainly crepes and a small choice of savoury and sweet French delights from the counter. I had their Le Parisien for $11, which included a coffee (or tea, if you prefer), fresh orange juice, toasted baguette with butter and jam, and a croissant while Jono has the Le Versailles for $17.50, similar drink choices with a ham and egg crepe. Hmm, crepes have always been known to me as sweet/dessert food – having ham and eggs in them doesn’t sound very appealing to me. ‘Have a bite – it’s really nice,’ offered Jono. Ok, just one bite…mmm…hey, it actually tasted really yum with a buckwheat flour crepe! More please!! :)

Simply Paris Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Mum happened to walk past and popped in to chat for a bit before continuing on to the supermarket to do her shopping. Jono and I headed home shortly after to pack up our bags for the weekend away on a ski trip with Rissa and friends – we were meant to head up to Ohakune last night but the weather forecast at the ski fields didn’t look promising this weekend so decided to head up today instead.

Since the ski fields are closed today, there was no rush to head up so we popped over to Shed 11 at Wellington waterfront around 11am to see the World Press Photo Exhibition 2010. I’ve been to the exhibition last year and there were many amazing photos taken, with most taken of war-torn countries and poor nations, making you wonder at how the photographer managed to survive in such places to ones that disturb you just seeing the struggling lives of others. This year was no exception – some of the ones I can vividly remember included a photo of an American soldier who had lost 40% of his brain, a good chunk of his head blasted by grenades (we wonder how he could function with most of his left brain blown off) and a full series of photos showing a Somalian man being stoned to death because of adultery (from when he was alive, then buried neck deep, then stoned, and dead body dragged out from the sand). I can't believe at this day and age stoning as a punishment was still acceptable. Makes me really appreciate living in a safe and peaceful country like NZ. Cost us $2 each to see the exhibition the runs from 17th September to 10th October. If you've not been, go check it out!


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