Car accident (26th September 2010)

Jono came to pick me up from town after my dance rehearsal and we took the Mt Cook way home via Taranaki St, coming to a stop in a car queue from the lights at the Wallace St and Bidwill St intersection. This end of Taranaki St into Wallace St is at a slope and often when I’m stopped at these lights, I would have one foot on the accelerator as I gradually release the car brakes so that my car wouldn’t slip downhill. We were chatting away and as the lights turned green, Jono was ready to move forward but instead we watched in shocked silence as the car in front of us accelerated in reverse (yes, IN REVERSE!), bumper first towards Jono’s car! There was no room for Jono to reverse or move out of the way - nothing we could do except witness helplessly at the car moving towards us, totally dumbfounded. Oh, I could hear the sound of metal crushing…oh dear…

The offender, realising his mistake, moved forward and pulled up to the driveway into Wellington Highschool, and got out of his car to check how bad the damage was. Hello? You need to move your car further forward so Jono can move his car away off the main street! The offender turned out to be an Indian man with his wife and neither of them seemed to understand our 'move forward' hand gestures so I had to get out of the car to reiterate what they had to do. “I don’t think there is any damage...” started the Indian man but I cut his conversation short, instructing him to move his car forward so we could actually talk. “Ok, ok,” said the flustered man and he hurried back into his car.

WHAT THE F*%K??!! Instead of moving forwards, he was reversing into us, again! “Hey, hey!” I shouted, hitting on his car boot and trying to 'push' the car away from Jono’s while his wife was screaming at him through the car window. What the hell? Thankfully the Indian man hit the brakes before we got a second hit! Oh my god, can you even drive?!

Finally having both cars safely parked away from the main street, we all had a close inspection of the damage. Jono’s car only had minor scratches (phew!) but the Indian couple’s car had quite a dent on their rear bumper (bummer though it was their own fault). We took down the man’s name and number just in case we discover damages later on though doubt there would be any. You’ve got a pretty tough car, babe...

How on earth would one be in reverse gear instead of drive in an automatic car? The two gears are several notches apart! Even if the man had never driven an automatic car before, it still didn’t make any sense – it's pretty hard to mix up the gears as they are clearly marked. Both Jono and I are still puzzled how the accident could have happened!


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