Walk along Makara beach (8th August 2010)

Ah, a sunny day! Time to get up and out for a walk!! Got Jono out of bed around 10am to have pancakes for breakfast and shower, and around 11.30am, headed out on a scenic drive to Makara beach for a short walk in the sun. I’ve been to Makara beach several times with Claus and Chris previously but Jono's never been to Makara beach before – a first for him! :)

Makara beach is usually quiet as it is exposed to strong winds (I’ve driven here in the past with the intention to do a walk but ended up driving back as it was too windy) but it was calm today and lots of people were out on a walk along the beach too. Dogs of all sorts were running happily along the shore, stopping now and again to sniff on rocks and the occasional dead carcass. Jono caught a dog chewing on a disgusting fish carcass (eww…) – the dog owner realised this when she heard Jono calling out ‘hey, no!’ at her dog and ordered her dog to ‘drop it’ though the dog seemed adamant to keep its new-found treasure and wouldn’t let go. A few curious ones came by to play with us and we saw a little scruffy 3-legged dog that despite its handicap was a very happy and excited little thing, running alongside his young master. As I watched the dog owners and their dogs enjoy their beach walk together, I couldn’t help but suddenly yearn to have a dog too. There was just a special unexplainable relationship between man and dog, a bond/love of pure devotion. Hmm, but I think I’ll need a house that can fit a dog first…

We did a leisurely 1.5-hour return walk from the parking lot till a bit over Wharehou Bay, stopping to skim pebbles (I can never do it – mine goes ‘plop’ into the water!), take photos and admire nature along the way. We had to walk and occasionally climb through rocks once we went past the end of the walking track – Jono got me to climb up a massive rock where we sat together soaking in the sun and panoramic view. Ah, this is just wonderful – I love the outdoors especially when the sun’s out and of course, spending time with my baby :)

Gee, we’re pretty high up, babe…Me and my short legs are of no help with rock climbing, having to super stretch out and heave myself to reach the next step. And when I was beginning to relax sitting high up on the rock, Jono decided it was time to continue on our walk and headed down first without me. Hey, come back! How am I going to get down the rock now??! Managed to climb down the same way I went up (climbing up was way easier than down) with Jono standing nearby to catch me in case I slipped (thank you!).

Around 2pm, we began heading back towards the car and stopped at Café Makara, the only café in the area for coffees and shared a chicken cranberry and brie Panini for lunch before heading home. The café was packed and we had to keep an eye out for a table indoors (the ones indoors had a clear view towards the sea). Quick, quick, those people are leaving! Hmm, you know, this place could do with some refurbishing…we both agreed that the café looked rather run-down and could do with some work. Perhaps they didn’t see the need to since they were the only café opened in the area – why bother when they are getting 100% of the customers anyway?

This was the only weekend Jono is in town for he’ll be spending the next 2 weekends in Palmy (and most of the week actually) as the Jesus Christ Superstar musical opens next week – it was really nice to have Jono all to myself and spend a fun and enjoyable sunny Sunday outdoors with him :) Photos taken during our walk today: http://www.flickr.com/photos/8070917@N05/sets/72157624678208172/detail/


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