Meeting of the mums (10th August 2010)

My mum’s meeting Jono’s mum tonight!! Cheryl’s in town for the day and suggested catching up over dinner before she headed back to Palmy and invited my mum to come along. Eek, I’ve never had my mum meet the bf’s mum before! Strangely, I’m not as nervous as I was when Jono first met Mum, perhaps because that meeting went well (that’s all that matters, isn’t it, Mum liking Jono and they get along? :P) and given both Cheryl and Mum are easy-going folks with a good sense of humour AND spoke a common language despite the different accents, they would get on ok. Jono, on the other hand, seemed more nervous about the meeting of the mums when I asked him how he felt, haha! I’m sure it’ll be alright :)

The four of us went over to Satay Kajang on Dixon Street around 6pm for dinner. I’ve not been here for a long time and since Jono was keen to have Malaysian tonight, I suggested coming here as it was near his office. Satay Kajang is slightly more expensive compared to your normal day Malaysian restaurant, with mains starting from $10 and they serve alcohol too (the extra cost goes towards ambience and alcohol license). We were the first lot of customers in the restaurant but shortly, more tables were filled with hungry patrons. Over a shared starter of mixed satay, our individual mains (I had their kuey teow) and drinks, we chatted and laughed over all sorts. And the mums did pretty well, getting to know each other, happily chatting away and sharing stories of their lives and travels. I looked across the table to catch Jono’s eyes who was also beaming back at me – I’m glad it’s going so well :)

I was once told that Satay Kajang was (still is?) the roti chanai supplier to all other Malaysian restaurants in town. Food should be pretty good then, one would think but disappointingly the food was not as good as I had expected for the price we paid. It was average; I’ve had better for the same price (or cheaper!). Felt somewhat bad as I was the one who suggested the place – not how I would have liked Cheryl’s introduction to Malaysian cuisine. Will have to bring Cheryl to better Malaysian restaurant another day!


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