Maureen's leaving do (13th Friday 2010)

Today is Maureen’s last day in our team – this is the 2nd team co-ordinator that is leaving us and it is sad to see her go. Maureen’s taken over many of the administrative and financial day-to-day tasks I once did when I first started work in Telecom which I’ve subsequently passed on to her due to my role change to a data analyst. She’s a bubbly spark and always brings sunshine to the office – we’ll miss you, Maureen! Must keep in touch!!

As part of her leaving do, Nicky’s organised a game of mini-golf for the team at 4pm today. I had no intention of playing and was planning to take photographs but got roped in last minute by Nicky as she needed another person to make up the numbers for the teams. Ok, ok, I’ll play! The course of 5 holes was set on our floor with different obstacles, all cleverly architected by Nicky’s husband Matt (fyi, her hubby is Matthew Bell, local cricket team player). 5 teams of 4 people each were randomly put together and each team had to come up with a team name. I was in team Triple Bogeys (Luke’s ingenious name for the team) with boys Luke, Jesse and Jai. We were then randomly paired in our teams so that a pair each from 2 teams will play the course together (mainly to prevent cheating in scores). Jesse and I were paired up to play against Michael and Wilson from team The Sultans of Swing (haha!). Oh, and did I mention I’ve NEVER played mini-golf before? This shall be interesting…

So us 4 started off at Hole 2: The Boardroom, trying to hit the ball with a putter in 6 shots so that the ball would go around the meeting table and attempted to hit it into the hole. Gah, why wouldn’t you go in??! I nearly got my first ball into the hole but hit it a bit too hard and it went past the hole instead! Grr…Hole 1: Playtime worked out much better for me, using kids golf clubs and having to manoeuvre past stuff toys which posed as obstacles to get to the hole. I got my ball in within 3 hits! Yay!!

The most challenging (but fun!) hole was Hole 5: Water Hazard. Matt had set up a ramp, two buckets of water and a net at the end of it. The goal was to hit the tennis ball (yep, tennis ball) hard enough that it’ll head up the ramp, miss the water and into the net. Right, if it was only that easy…the number of times I watched the balls (mine included) go up the ramp and off swimming…Some of the boys did pretty well, getting a hole in one!

The game continued on with lots of laughter and noise all round the floor – everyone was having a great time and most have forgotten that we were still in the office (the office had turned into a playground). Hole 4: The Back Door was located by my manager, Chris’ desk (thankfully he’s gone home), where we had to putt the ball into one of the coloured rings to gain minus points towards our scores (in this game, the less strokes/score, the better). 3 strokes for me again! I’m starting to get the hang of it :) And the final hole, Hole 3: Under The Radar – you couldn’t even tell where the hole was on the other side of the divider so we had to take a rough guess, putt the ball and hope it stops within the boundaries of the bright yellow “Caution” tape. Hmm, not so well on this one…eee…

Our scores are then tallied up and Team Four Play (Jeremy, Ashvin, Frans and Steve) won overall – congrats! Drinks and pizza followed after the game. I’m glad I gave it a go – it was fun! Photos taken at mini-golf:

With Jono not around this weekend, I had better wisely spend my time nutting out this new dance routine I’m debuting at my upcoming performance next Saturday. Still needs quite a bit of work to get the moves polished and perfected!


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