Jono meets Mum (20th July 2010)

Today’s the day when Mum would meet my bf – IN PERSON! Jono decided that we shouldn’t put off having the meet-the-parent dinner any longer as he has been back for a week since his trip overseas and both of us would be flat out the next few weeks, him with his upcoming musical rehearsals and performances, and me volunteering at NZFF. So dinner tonight it is!

Around 5.30pm, I went to pick up Mum from her hostel and then Jono from his office. “How are you feeling about this meeting?” I asked Mum in the car on the way and she said she was ok and looking forward to meet Jono. Well you’re fine but I’m not! I was feeling rather nervous about the meet for this was the first time ever that my parent was meeting my bf (my parents have never met any of my ex-bfs in person). I had asked Jono earlier if he was nervous about meeting my mum and he too said no. Really?? How can it be just me??!

Dinner tonight was at Southern Cross Bar and Restaurant. Jono and I had their 2-for-1 Stonegrill deal (only on Mondays and Tuesdays) with beers while Mum ordered a fish dish from the menu (couldn’t convince her to try NZ beef). I guess I just wanted my parent’s approval of the man I love thus all anxiousness about tonight. Frankly, I thought the dinner went quite and there really was no need for my initial worries – both got along well and were chatting animatedly and laughing together. Mum already liked Jono just from the conversations I had with her about him and our relationship – don’t think that has changed now that she has met him face to face. Besides, Jono’s very likeable ;P

“So what would you like Jono to call you?” I asked Mum at the table. One thing both Jono and I thought was quite peculiar is the fact that back in Malaysia, you would call your bf’s/gf’s parents ‘Uncle’ and ‘Auntie’; here in NZ, you would address them by first names. To be honest, when I first started addressing Jono’s parents by their first names, it felt weird in the sense I felt I was disrespecting my seniors by calling their name but got used to it over time. Mum decided since she was in NZ that she would follow the norm here and have Jono call her Donna (fyi, Donna’s the English name my dad gave her when they were dating but she rarely uses it in Malaysia – she’s better known as Miss Low back home). Hmm, what would Jono call Dad then? I’m not sure if Dad adopted an English name for himself too (though I seemed to recall the name Johnny scribbled in many of his old books…). I guess we would cross that bridge when Dad comes to visit in January. Another meet-the-parent dinner then!


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