Giles McNeill 'The Hole' photo shoot (15th July 2010)

I recently got casted for another volunteer extra role I had applied for on StarNow, this time for an animated music video for singer Giles McNeill titled ‘The Hole’. Supporting local artistes, yeah!

Around 2pm, I headed to Random Films Ltd on Tory St for the music video shoot and was met by animator Lucy Edwards and creative director Charlotte Larsen in a studio room that had a green screen set up on the wall for the shoot. More volunteer extras turned up, 4 adults and 2 kids in total, all of us dressed in dark colours of navy blue, brown or black as requested and we were strategically placed in various standing positions and directed to do certain actions by Lucy while she took photos of us. Most of the photos had us peering into the floor at an invisible huge hole that had opened up in the ground (the music video had a part about the entire world’s junk filling up the hole or something along the lines). There were several shots of me pointing into the hole looking shocked too! Hehehe…:P

It was a very relaxed 1-hour shoot with loads of laughs together throughout– I love getting involved with the arts and performing scene in Wellington. It’s always good fun! Here's the link to the music video (you can see silhouettes of me):

Oh, and you can rent video equipments from Random Films Ltd too at affordable rates - yes, those proper ones for filming, even a boom pole for the microphone!


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