Sprained ankle (27th June 2010)

I've just returned from the Wellington Accident & Urgent Medical Centre on Adelaide Road to see a doctor with regards to my sprained ankle (cost me $65 for the visit). I'm now threading on my left foot gently and walking so darn slowly AND I've been told to walk less and rest my foot for 1-2 weeks! What, no sports and dancing??! Great, this is just fabulous...

'How did it all happen?', you ask. Well, it happened last night - after a lovely evening spent at the Tays chit-chatting over dinner, mum and I were walking towards my car when I accidentally tripped on a step at the porch (couldn't see as it was so dark outside) and landed most of my weight on a twisted left foot. I had hoped the twinge of pain would subside overnight but despite no severe swelling, it made walking more uncomfortable this morning so I decided to have it looked at, in case it was worse than I thought.

Around 9am after having a quick breakfast, I drove myself to the Wellington Accident & Urgent Medical Centre to see the doctor. Ow, ow, ow...every step I took going up the uphill path hurts...ow...Thankfully it was rather quiet this morning and I was seen within half an hour. All the doctor did was pressed his fingers on parts of my ankle to see where the pain was and explained that I have injured one of the strong bands of tissue (aka ligaments) that connects the bones at the joint - was told that it wasn't severe though I will have to take care not to sprain the ankle again, which included less walking and walking on leveled paths e.g. not on grass or going uphill or downhill (that pretty much means no exercise for the week - argh!!), and prescribed me some pain relief medicine to take over the next few days. He also got the nurse to put a firm bandage on my left leg which I have to wear on during the day for the next few days to help reduce the swelling. Just look at my pathetic leg now:

Still haven't quite figured out how I'm getting to work this week if I've to hobble to the bus stop to work and back. Hmm, might have to take the car in...sigh, can't believe I'm starting my week like this...


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