'Rock Star Wife' music video shoot (21st June 2010)

In my search for extra work in the modelling/dancing/acting industry both for the additional income and sheer fun of doing something out of the norm, I stumbled upon StarNow, an online casting and audition service designed to help casting professionals find talent, and interested parties to apply for casting calls advertised on the site for a small registration fee. Since setting up my StarNow profile (see http://www.starnow.co.nz/angelicatan), I've auditioned for several acting roles, most of which unpaid work, including tonight's music video shoot. Though I would much prefer paid work, the arts industry in NZ is still growing; most of us participate for sheer passion for the arts or to gain experience in the industry rather than its monetary returns. Plus you will never know what other doors unpaid work may find you! I think of it as networking, putting myself out there so that other casting professionals know of my existence (pick me, pick me!) AND have fun doing so :)

After a long day at work (why am I SO tired???), I stayed back in the office till about 6.30pm and headed over to Temperance Bar on Blair St where the music video shoot was held. I was one of 40 rock star fans casted for the music video 'Rock Star Wife' performed by emerging rock-pop NZ singer/songwriter Sarah Aitchison. As you guessed, I had to dress up like a punk-rock chick (think Avril Lavigne) and I've got just the attire for it! Jeans, boots, white t-shirt with a black waistcoat and a chunky bangle - exactly what I wore when I went to the Ladyhawke concert last year. And a touch-up of make-up...there...ta-da! ;)

On top of dressing up to suit the theme, all rock star fans had to bring along cameras and mobile phones to help create the scene – lots of flash lights required! Extras were all gathered in the green room on level 2 of the bar (the room was not green; I later learnt from Jono that the term ‘green room’ meant a room in a theatre/studio where performers hung out when not required on stage) and I was fortunate enough to share a lift ride with Sarah herself together with other extras and crew to the room. A very bubbly and jovial person, Sarah was very down-to-earth and friendly to everyone she met. Her mum and manager Christine was around overseeing the whole shoot and equally lovely – you could see she was beaming like a proud mum, handing out Sarah’s business cards and stopping to chat now and again with us extras.

Most of the extras were probably around 18 – 22 years of age, chatting animatedly in little pods in the green room, some engaging in harmless flirting while others trying hard to be the centre of attention in the circle. It was really obvious, believe me – I didn’t even have to turn around to observe their body language. Some have previous acting experience (ones who spoke non-stop about what they had done and giving advice on dos and don’ts) while others were doing this for the first time (these types try to work the room, introducing themselves to everyone who crosses their path or the other extreme, the quiet one who sits on the edge of his/her seat looking all alert, waiting for something to happen). Me? Having done TV commercials before, I came prepared with a book and spent most of my waiting time reading with the odd occasion chatting with other extras nearby.

As we waited, the make-up artists and wardrobe assistant came around to check that we were all ready for the shoot. Everyone helped themselves to the free coffee, tea and snacks served throughout the shoot and as usual, everyone had to sign a release form – this is normal procedure and acts as a liability waiver, granting permission for our photographs (in this case, our image) to be published.

Around 8pm, we were called for the first shot where the extras gathered at the back entrance of Temperance Bar (Cambridge Terrace entrance), standing on both sides of the red carpet behind the barrier, mobiles and cameras out (some of us had posters and photos of the rock stars) looking excited to see our arriving celebrities. The first shot was us fans screaming wildly when the red Ferrari drove up to the red carpet and shot 2 was similar (the screaming part, that is), only this time we had actor Shane Boulton who played Sarah’s rock star bf (he had an arm painted full of tattoos which looked quite real and oh, I should mention that he had eyeliner and mascara too – a pretty boy who probably cause a few hearts go aflutter tonight) walking out of the Ferrari onto the red carpet and the ‘flirty girls’ going ga-ga over him getting his autograph (these 3 ‘blonde’ young female fans whom Shane specifically walked to). We sure were a loud and crazy lot, going nuts on ‘Action!’ and turned quiet when the director called ‘Cut!’. Several passerbies stopped to take photos of us and lingered on to see what the commotion was about. We did 3 takes per shot and we were back upstairs to relax and waited to be called for the next shot.

Brr, SO cold! Spent the next hour ‘thawing’ in the green room and continued reading my book. Around 9.45pm, we were back downstairs in the cold for the next shot of Sarah and Shane standing arms around waist on the red carpet. And yes, us fans screaming with excitement and enthusiasm at each take, flashing out gadgets and waving the posters madly at them.

More waiting upstairs and at 10.30pm, we returned downstairs to find that the Ferrari has now been replaced with a white limousine with Sarah stepping out of the limo and walking along the red carpet with Shane, stopping once to look back at the camera, and then proceeded into the bar. You guessed right – us fans continued what we did best, screaming wildly at them. Honestly, I think we did a fantastic job – it was really quite believable!

Back upstairs and more waiting, this time I had the pleasure of chatting with the man who was acting as one of the bouncers, Pisa, a humorous Samoan man who coincidentally comes from the same modelling agency as me and very openly shared with me stories from his upbringing and life. He turned out to be a part-time marriage counsellor at his church and we laughed together discussing how men and women behave in relationships and the simple tips to a successful relationship which most couples neglect to practice on a day-to-day basis. We both agreed that many women dropped their upkeep of looks and figure once in a relationship (‘I’ve got the man now so why bother?’ they say), a big no-no because men are ultimately visual beings and love what they see AND able to show their partners off. And dates don’t just end once two people are in a relationship – dates can last forever if the couple makes a point to keep it alive. Women love to hear sweet things, being hugged and kissed; men on the other hand requires respect and praise (I think he meant to be admired?). I laughed when he asked me if he was right to say that women love men who share the household chores and in turn reward their men in the bedroom. Haha! I think there’s truth to it – I mean, look, if the man can make the woman less tired out from chores, she would then have more time, effort and energy in bed, am I not right? And if you haven’t realised, most of these acts we discussed are simple and doesn’t require huge sacrifices – they are only small acts of love which in turn produces huge returns. Pisa and I were having a ball discussing our views of a successful relationship – it’s nice to know there are other people out there who share similar views in relationships as me and Jono :)

Around 11.30pm, the director called the shoot a wrap – yay, I can finally go home now! Looking forward to see what the music video would be like when released. Hopefully get to see a glimpse of me too! Photos taken tonight while on the shoot: http://www.flickr.com/photos/8070917@N05/sets/72157624213385585/detail/

PS: Did I mention I’ve got the most amazing bf? He came to pick me up and made me a hot cup of tea when we got home! He’s SO lovely :) And not forgetting the hugs, kissess and sweet words too hehe...


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