Intro Pole with Pole Dance Aotearoa (12th May 2010)

After last week’s challenging free pole dancing class taught by gf Shirley, I decided to return to Pole Dance Aotearoa this evening for their Intro Pole class. Cost $90 for the whole block of 5 classes which I will be learning the seven basic spins and a selection of poses and dance moves. In addition, I could choose whichever introductory class session I prefer to attend (there are 3-4 Intro Pole classes a week). I think I’ll stick to Wednesdays for now…

Arrived at the pole dance studio for the 5.30pm class and there were only 2 other girls and me tonight. As usual, the class began with a sexy warm up and Shirley taught us a few more spins: the mermaid, the goddess and the princess. The mermaid was a move that you would clamp on the pole with your inner thighs and sit like a mermaid, with legs outstretched and crossed at the feet. The move looked simple but one could easily hurt yourself ‘down there’ by accident – I’ve been there before, doing a totally different sport, so trust me, you don’t want to go where I’ve been…The goddess was my favourite spin by far, which has a start like the attitude spin but we invert (back against the pole) and spined round, upper body arched back and both legs hooked on the pole. It was SO cool – I love it :) The princess move is one I have trouble with this week, having to spin and sit on the pole in a position where my knees were bent and closed together, feet crossed at back as if sitting in a prim and proper manner on a chair but with added challenge doing the same on a pole. Plus my right arm was getting tired gripping the pole towards the end of the class, making each attempt on the princess harder than the one before. On the up side, I felt more confident on the pole tonight and the attitude and fireman spins were looking much better than last week. Practice, practice, practice!

Because our class was so small tonight, Shirley was able to work on us individually, teaching the other girls more moves since they have been to more introductory classes than I have, which I thought was great because that meant every one of us got to learn something new. Shirley warned us that our arms will hurt the next 2 days. I’m already feeling quite sore now and had smacked my feet on the pole several times tonight when attempting the fireman. Hmm, wonder what we will learn next week…

Oh yeah, one of my classmates tonight thought I was familiar but couldn’t quite put her finger where she would have met me before (she wasn’t a salsa or swing dancer). “She’s the 2nd runner-up for Miss Burlesque NZ – that’s probably where you saw her!” said Shirley enthusiastically and I blushed. Shirley, Shirley – she’s always promoting me as the 2nd runner up at the competition in her classes :)


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