High Class Cocktail Party at James' (29th May 2010)

Several of us friends have been hassling James to organise another party at his place – we always have a ball at his parties (James throws AWESOME parties!) and tonight’s High Class Cocktail Party was no exception. And as you may have guessed from the theme, the party was all about making cocktails AND we were all expected to dress up, girls in cocktail dresses and the boys in suits, ties, waistcoat and hats. That means I get to put on my new dress – yay! ;)

Jono and I spent most of the rainy Saturday running errands around town including our weekly grocery shopping and buying cheap white clothing from The Warehouse for the Illuminate Paint Party next weekend. It has been raining the whole week – I haven’t even seen the sun at all this week and the gloomy weather makes me feel rather down too. I really can’t imagine how people in Norway or countries that has near 24-hours of darkness for the whole winter season cope – I need the sun!

Whipped up a quick dinner and around 7pm, took a taxi over to James’ pad for the party. We were the first to arrive despite coming an hour late! James already had bottles of spirits displayed in the kitchen plus our 2 bottles of Bombay Sapphire – everyone has to bring along a bottle of spirit from the list James provided. This is going to be a night of lots of drinking, I’m sure…Amy turned up shortly and busied herself in the kitchen adding more ‘zhoosh’ to James’ two jugs of punch. ‘Let me know what you think,’ she said and offered me a shot glassful of her concoction. Damn, HOW MUCH alcohol did you put in the punch?! Oh, but it taste SO good, especially the apple juice based one. Jono might want to hold my glass of punch instead of me – I’m sipping it too fast!

More guests started arriving, with most people dressed up for the night. I cracked up laughing every time one of the girls tell Jono how much they liked his purple velvet jacket and the feel of it. ‘Oh, just feel it, hmm…’, or ‘very vintage, darling!’ pipes girls Grace, Cilla and Amy. He sure is popular with the ladies tonight haha :P

We all had a turn making cocktails based on Fiona’s cocktail booklet. I made my first Japanese Slipper, which was a cocktail mix of 1 part lemon juice, 1 part Midori and 1 part Cointreau, producing a melon-tasting drink in fluorescent green colour. Long Island Iced Teas, Black Russians, Tequila shots…every possible drink we could make with the ingredients we had were coming out from the kitchen. Jono downloaded a cocktail recipe application for his iPhone earlier and there were over 8500 recipes to choose from – even more cocktail choices! We selected one called Angel Wing to try out, which was a mix of half part apricot brandy, 1 part crème de cacao and 1.5 part brandy, producing a clear coloured cocktail that looked like water but quite potent in alcohol. Mmm…cin-cin!

Niall is really funny when he’s tipsy – he just couldn’t stop emphasizing how huge pearls Amy has and how gorgeous they were (Amy was wearing a pearl necklace but the way Niall expressed it was sounded more sexual in nature). He’s a charmer and totally harmless but it was just really funny to watch him go about telling everyone in his path about the pearls (his own gf included) and Amy playing along with him, several of us watching their little melodrama, laughing in stiches :P

James, always the great host, was busy running in and out of Fiona’s kitchen next door bringing guests cheese platters and an assortment of finger food. You have to stop running around and enjoy your own party, James!

Lots of chit-chat, laughs, some swing dancing by the swing crowd, it was a fun night spent indoors in good company :) Photos taken at the cocktail party: http://www.flickr.com/photos/8070917@N05/sets/72157624172026718/detail/


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