Go You Beauty! (30th May 2010)

I’ve not been to Batucada practice for the last 3 weeks (I was away most weekends) and turned up today at practice to find Thistle Hall filled with more people than usual! A mix of new recruits and current players as well as the dancers, everyone was gathered for band member Stephen Templer to film us playing, dancing and chanting to song “GO YOU BEAUTY”, a song written by the man himself and Batucada musical directors Darren and Tim for a previous performance at a local sporting event. Stephen had submitted the song to TVNZ Nightline’s Rugby World Cup Song Competition, a competition in great search for an anthem for the 2011 Rugby World Cup but he needed to submit a music video of the song so got Batucada organiser Caroline to put the word out to get as many volunteers as possible for the video.

The volunteers were split up into groups – dancers, All Black fans (yes, they were donned in All Blacks paraphernalia) and Batucada drummers – with Tim leading the video playing the intro of the song and the rest of the band joining in. Tim and the band were ‘lip-syncing’ to the song that was played over the huge speakers (they weren’t actually playing the instruments) and as we had too many band members, some of us (including me) had to be an All Black fan, chanting “OOH, OOH, GO YOU BEAUTY!” as the chorus came up. The music video showed the band having their usual fun on their percussion instruments and then us fans chanting and jumping up and down at the chorus. It then hones in on the samba dancers performing their samba moves followed by everyone blending in together to form a huge whirl around the cameraman, playing, dancing and chanting.

We did several takes of the whole music video (it had to be 1 shot of awesome recording as Stephen wasn’t planning to do too much editing to it) which took an hour and then 50 minutes straight of band practice. Was feeling tired after samba gafieira practice, the music video shoot and band practice but I had SO much fun and glad to be part of it all! Check out the YouTube video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gI28GVJr-9s

I hope our song wins the competition!


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