Friday night out after work (14th May 2010)

Yay, it’s Friday!

Caught up with James for after-work drinks with friends and headed to Public on Courtenay Place at 4.30pm. He was meeting with fellow swing dancer Saran for a drink and had me tag along – the more the merrier! Bumped into Flo on our way who joined us for a jug of beer at the pub/bar. I’ve not seen Flo since Kim’s & Colm’s joint birthday party at his place. Lots to catch up on! You have to tell me all your travel stories in Vanuatu!!

Public is the newly refurbished Sports Café – I’m not sure if it is still a sports café because it no longer feels like one with the sophisticated décor. We had a booth with leather sofas and elegant black chairs for our group of 6 – Saran was already there with her friends Michelle and Niall who recently moved to Wellington from the UK so me and the boys just joined in their table.

Around 5.30pm, everyone left Public and headed over to The Temperance where band The Codebreakers were playing. According to Saran, they are an amazing folk band and a must-see. I’ve never heard of the band but sure, why not? Flo left to meet up with his other mates – was lovely to see you and catch up, and thanks for shouting the beer!

The Codebreakers is a 2-man instrumental band with guys Peter and Blake playing acoustic guitars and using the same guitars as a percussion instrument, slapping and thumping on the guitar making their band one of a kind. I’ve never seen any musician use the guitar so creatively – who would have thought an acoustic guitar is powerful enough to make bongo-like sounds! Very cool indeed :)

Cilla came to join our little gathering shortly and boys Niall and James went to get everyone a round of drinks. The Temperance has a discount wheel called the Daily Happy Wheel at the bar where you get to spin it whenever you order a round of drinks (I’m guessing this just means per bill) between 5-7pm on weekdays and you could stand a chance to get your drinks for free or 10-30% off. James was so close to getting it for free!

I’m getting tipsy drinking on an empty stomach and Niall’s just gotten us all a round of tequila! ‘Ready everyone?’ asked James. 1…2…3…lick, scull and suck! Ok, must stop drinking…Thankfully James ordered a large fried platter for the table – just what we all need!

Jono came to meet me at The Malthouse after his work drinks (yes, my gang has ‘drifted’ again) and we headed over to Readings Cinemas for a cheap and quick dinner before heading to the movies to see Robin Hood. It has been a fun evening spent with friends and now, spending quality time with my man :)


  1. I've seen those guys so many times busking on cuba street. They're really good!
    I think one guy is from Byron Bay and one from US ....


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